Finding Your Strength: Identity & Purpose in Military Life

You can do hard things.  First of all, you made it through 2020. Congratulations! That was a hard year. However, not only did you make it through 2020…you made it through as a milspouse. Double congrats to you because that is twice as hard.  My name is Jeannine Brady. I am a milspouse, mama, and

7 Impactful Hashtags Created By Military Spouses

A decade ago, who would’ve ever thought that a hashtag could have such a large impact? Now, hashtags not only define a company, but can also start a global movement. Military spouses are not strangers to starting movements and gaining support for initiatives they know can impact their communities. This is why I have put

Purpose in the Journey of Motherhood

As a rule, I try not to dwell on my struggles and live under a “woe is me” mentality. That might explain why it took me so long to go from the throes of depression to a place where I am eager to share my experience, my growth, and my success with other military spouses.