Two girls holding a sign titled "No War". The girls are in a rally for peace for the Ukrainian people.

On the 24th of February, the Russian military invaded Ukraine and began attacking in the country in an effort to make them surrender to Russian rule.

However, despite this terrible event, there is still courage and bravery in the hearts of the Ukrainian people. Women are having babies in bomb shelters, parliament members are taking up arms to join the fight for their country, men are saying goodbye to their families as they stay behind in the country to fight, mothers are fleeing with their children, the President refuses to leave his people behind for his own safety, and the list goes on. The Ukrainian people have inspired the world with their courage and persistence in the fight for their country and freedom. They have taught us eight valuable lessons, which are included below.

1. Never, Ever Give Up

In almost 2 weeks of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have never faltered nor surrendered. They continue to fight for their freedom and they will not give up on their way of life and living free! 

2. The True Definition of Brave

I don’t think I have ever seen bravery like I have witnessed in the Ukrainian people. President Zelenskyy is selfless and will not leave his people behind, fathers telling their wives and children goodbye while they stay and fight for their country’s freedom, the Ukrainian military, the civilians putting up a fight, mothers traveling by train with their children to safety, and the list goes on. Each have displayed bravery in the situation they have found themselves in.

3. Love of Country

The patriotism of the Ukrainian people has inspired the world. The love they feel for their country is insurmountable and their willingness to fight for it is inspiring. 

4. Freedom has a Price

Freedom is something we take for granted in America. Watching the Ukrainian people risk and lose everything for their own freedom is very touching and has made us all realize how very lucky we are to be free. The cost of freedom is priceless. 

5. Freedom is Worth Sacrificing For

The Ukrainian people have made us all question what we would be willing to give up for our freedom. They have made the world see that freedom is worth sacrificing for and should not be taken for granted.

6. A Selfless Leader is a Rarity

How many leaders do you know who would take a free ride out of a war zone to protect himself and let others sacrifice their lives and fight? Well, President Zelenskyy of Ukraine is the first leader I have ever seen who selflessly leads his own people and isn’t afraid to get dirty and do the work alongside them. In fact, when the United States President offered Zelenskyy and his family a safe way out of Ukraine, his response was “I need ammunition, not a ride.” He is a true leader, one of a kind, and the type of President the world hasn’t seen in a very long time. 

7. Will and Determination Are More Powerful Than Numbers or Technology

The Ukrainian Military has been outnumbered since day one of the Russian invasion. They have something that the other troops don’t have: will and determination! That alone has led Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion.

8. Unity is a Beautiful Thing

We have all watched as the Ukrainian people have united for their country to keep it free. We have also seen the world, country by country, step up to help Ukraine during this terrible invasion. Although the unity is too little too late, it’s still nice to see other leaders stepping up to help Ukraine fight this war.

Despite the terrible events happening in Ukraine, there are still valuable lessons that Americans, and everyone else around the world, can learn. We need to step up and support the Ukrainian people as they continue to show bravery in fighting for their country and the freedom they know they deserve. We should continue to pray for the men, women, and children living through their worst nightmare. They have never faltered in their faith and courage, which has inspired the world.

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