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“Don’t fight this battle alone.” That’s the primary message filmmaker, Michael Gier, wants to get out to veterans who are plagued with PTSD resulting in alarming suicide rates. His quest in Wounded Heroes Documentary is to shed light on Veterans who have battled Post Traumatic Stress. Most have been given numerous prescription drugs to treat it, however, many have found respite in alternative forms of treatment. The Director, Michael Gier, discovers these alternative treatments and provides evidence on how they have positively impacted veterans and their families. 

The Inspiration

It was evident in my interview with Michael Gier on November 2nd that he has a deep appreciation for the United States military and the sacrifice military members past and present have selflessly given to our country. His father was a Marine, which inspired his patriotism.

The birth of this film started when he was developing a movie. One of the story lines in the movie included PTSD and he wanted to learn more about it. Then, he met and interviewed a man named Carl. He explained that he was taking sixteen different prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD from his time in service. Michael then tabled the movie and got to work on this documentary instead. Then, the idea for the Wounded Heroes documentary was born in his quest for answers about the treatment of PTS. He began his research to find real solutions for veterans battling Post Traumatic Stress and came across some fascinating alternative treatments.

Alternative Treatments for PTS

This film mentions several non-prescription treatments available that have proven success rates in minimizing the effects of PTS. I found each of them fascinating, most especially the science behind the brain. 

The treatments mentioned in Wounded Heroes include:

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) – This type of therapy is trauma-based and replaces imagery from the traumatic event. Most need at least 4 sessions to see improvements.
  • Reconstruction of Traumatic Memories (RTM) – This treatment is “90% effective after 3 sessions.” Pilot studies found 90% success with improved sleep, lessened emotional problems, elimination of nightmares, PTSD, and flashbacks.
  • Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) – This is where patients receive a shot in the cervical spine guided by ultrasound. Trails were conducted at three different Army bases. In addition, the Treat PTSD Act was created during the Trump presidency to give veterans access to SGB.
  • Equestrian Therapy – The Saddles in Service horse therapy program mentioned in the film partners veterans and rescued horses together to bring healing and therapy to both.
  • The Brain Treatment Center – Offers a variety of treatments for those suffering from PTSD.
  • War Fighter Advance – The ADVANCE 7 day program “uses a variety of means to change the trajectory of the warfighter’s post-deployment life.” 

To learn more about these treatments and other organizations mentioned in the film, go to the resources page on the Wounded Heroes website.

How to Access the Film

You can access the film through several streaming platforms including:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • VUDU
  • Vimeo on Demand

You can also order a copy of this film on DVD or host an in-person or virtual screening. Details can be found on the website for arranging or sponsoring a screening of this film.

Sponsor a Hero

If you would like to give access to this film for a veteran, the cost is $4.00. Donations can be made on the website along with details on how this film has impacted those who have watched it.  

My Final Thoughts

As a person who has experienced the power of alternative treatments, I knew this film was right up my alley. It was very touching to see how many of the treatments mentioned in Wounded Heroes increased the quality of life for veterans as well as their families. The effects of war and service to this country are far more than any of us can comprehend. Thanks to filmmaker Michael Gier, veterans can be hopeful again that their lives can turn around and they can once and for all overcome the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is connected to the military and I encourage you to share this film far and wide. The message of hope in this film, the encouragement from other veterans, and the options for treatment need to be heard.  

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Meet the Director

Michael Gier is a filmmaker and actor. He created ​Gier Productions, LLC, in 2009, to produce TV, film, and corporate projects. Since then, he has produced and directed hundreds of Films, TV Commercials, and Corporate projects.

He has been in the entertainment industry for over 38 years starring in Broadway shows across the country.  He was a soloist for five years with The Lawrence Welk Show in Branson, MO performing with many of the original Lawrence Welk TV stars, a soloist during the Nationally broadcast Jerry Lewis Stars Across America Telethon, and performed live at the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards as one of the stars in the award winning FatBoy Slim’s “Praise You” music video directed by Academy Award Winner Spike Jonze. Currently, Michael works as a union actor in television and film projects.  

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