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Are you searching for a book that offers daily inspiration in small bites of reading? Look no further than The Little Book of Big Knowing. This adorable book is packed full of knowledge, inspiration, and affirmations to help give you a small dose of positivity. You only need about five minutes a day to devote to this book in order to gain some valuable life insight.

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


The Little Book of Big Knowing is a small book that offers wisdom in short passages. The words on these pages are packed full of powerful inspiration to guide you throughout your day. A positive mindset and outlook are key ways to be more at peace with life. Michele Sammons helps you do just this with the knowledge she unleashes in her book. She helps you to find the positives of the here and now of life that may even lead you to a long-desired passion or purpose.


There are numerous strengths in this short book. I found delight in every page and cannot wait to share more about the positives of The Little Book of Big Knowing with you in the list below.

  • Light reading-As a busy mom and professional, I don’t always have time for lengthy reading. This book was perfect and offered bite sized inspiration that I could read through quickly.
  • Inspirational-Each passage contains wisdom that is displayed in such a positive way with words. You will be inspired by reading this book.
  • Changes your mindset-Books have a way of impacting us in positive ways and The Little Book of Big Knowing is one of them. This book is equipped with affirmations that can help you change your mindset and the way you view things.
  • Thought provoking-The passages in this book make you think and reflect upon your own viewpoints. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the book.

My Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and delighted in the wisdom Michele Sammons offers in each passage. I began reading her book at an opportune time when I needed to be lifted up and reminded of my own goodness, passions, and purpose in life. The Little Book of Big Knowing is a perfect book for anyone who needs a daily dose of wisdom about life. It can truly help you regain focus on what is important and give you inspiration to fulfill your soul’s desires and purpose.

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About the Author

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Michele Sammons makes her home in Memphis, Tennessee, with husband Scott and chocolate Labrador, Dewey. The Little Book of Big Knowing is Michele’s first book, but probably not her last. You can discover more about Michele’s work on her website: