Did 2020 leave you feeling blah and gaining the 20 from 20? Okay, maybe not a gain of twenty pounds, but last year definitely left many of us missing our gym routines, group fitness classes, stress eating, and spending much more time in the kitchen.

As we approach a new season, it’s time to revisit health and wellness goals. The beauty is, it’s never too late to set and put the effort forth to achieve goals in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Now is a great time to review and re-write your goals. These military spouse entrepreneurs can help you make this year your healthiest yet with their expertise in nutrition, health, and wellness.


For help and motivation to meet your fitness goals check out: 

1-Cassie Lynn Lambert was created by Cassie, who is an Army veteran, mom, and an Army spouse. Cassie helps women “build stronger bodies while releasing the mental guilt of eating the foods they love.” She inspires women to “break free from the fitness fads and diet frustrations and lift their way to a strong rockin’ bod. Sometimes those closest to us do not understand why we want to make a change and build strength.” 

Connect with Cassie Lynn at:

Cassie Lynn Lambert


2-HomeBodySoul-Created by Meghan, an Air Force spouse. “HomeBodySoul is a lifestyle wellness brand for women focused on inspiring and educating them on how to create systems for stewarding and simplifying their homes, bodies, and souls. We believe in living life well and inspiring women to live a life full of purpose, meaning, and joy so that they can impact and love themselves, their families, communities, and others more authentically and wholly.”

Check out the HomeBodySoul Whole Body Fitness Planner by clicking here.

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3-The Virtual Gym-Samantha, who is an Army wife, mom, and certified group fitness Instructor and personal trainer has created a gym class that is tailored to you and delivered to you virtually. She also has an accountability group and page on Facebook so you do not feel alone in your life changing journey to a better you. In addition she provides guidance on nutrition throughout your body changing experience. 

Connect with Coach Sam at:

The Virtual Gym


4-FitRagaMuffin-This virtual fitness class program was designed by Jamie, who is a mom, physical therapist assistant, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and military spouse. She conducts group classes and one on one training sessions virtually. 

Connect with Jamie at:



5-Tatiana Mone Fitness-Tatianna is a mom, retired Navy spouse, and a Certified Health Coach and Prenatal as well as Postpartum Coach. She enjoys helping women recover from pregnancy in a safe way using functional nutrition and exercise instead of “quick fixes.” She really encourages self-love, which is what mamas truly need.

Connect with Tatianna at:

Tatiana Mone Fitness


6-Ashleigh Magee-Ashleigh is active duty in the United States Navy, a military spouse, and a health coach. She runs a private Facebook group for female veterans, female military members, spouses, and advocates to help women make healthier choices for an overall healthier lifestyle. Her focus areas with clients are: food, fitness, sleep, and mindset. She believes all of these areas are essential for health and wellness. 

Connect with Ashleigh at:

Ashleigh Magee



If you need assistance creating better eating habits, go to:

7-Health on the Homefront-Created by Pam, an Army Vet, Army Spouse, and mom of three. Pam is a “Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and work for military spouses who are ready to feel incredible, lose weight, and get energized after years of taking care of everyone and everything else. I help you value your own health as a priority and discover how to make it happen with simple, practical changes, while living in a stress-filled lifestyle.” Pam has also created a space for military spouses to enjoy cooking, wellness, and creativity in the private Milspouse Clubhouse group. To learn more, click here

Connect with Pam at:

Health on the Homefront


8-Glory Nutrition-A private practice created by Heather Campbell, who is an Air Force Spouse, mom of 3, and a Registered Dietician. She helps busy moms customize small changes to empower them at dinner time to never again wonder “what’s for dinner?” Learn more about her “stress free meals” by joining her free Facebook group here.

Connect with Heather at:


For the Mind, Body, and Spirit

To slow it down and put focus on your mind, body, and spirit through yoga, Reiki, mindfulness, and guided meditation, look no further than:

9-Bernadette Soler-Bernadette is a Marine Corps spouse and certified yoga instructor who helps you slow down, stretch, and connect your mnd, body, and spirit through virtual class options. 

Connect with Bernadette at:

Bernadette Soler



10-Empowered Energy Me-Maralis is an Army spouse, certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Yoga teacher, and Certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner. She is passionate about helping women find balance, self-love, and making self-care a priority. Maralis offers sessions in Reiki, yoga,mindfulness, meditation, workshops, and speaking engagements.

Connect with Maralis at:

Empowered Energy Me


Whether you are looking for help with fitness goals, nutrition, or finding a way to connect your mind, body, and spirit, the military spouses above can help you get there. The journey to health and wellness is not easy, but each of the empowering women listed here will give you the tools and motivation to achieve your best self this year!

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