The holidays can be such a tough time for couples waiting for a positive pregnancy test. The magic of the Christmas season can be overshadowed by grief and emptiness for many families who have endured the tragedy of pregnancy and infant loss. My heart aches for all of these families and the pain they are carrying this Christmas. I know all too well what “the wait,” loss, and infertility feels like. This is why I feel compelled to offer a prayer of hope for all couples waiting for their little miracle.

Below is a prayer I hope we can all say aloud for couples who are “in the wait” this Christmas.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I know you count every tear and I know you are close to the brokenhearted, but I pray today that you would most especially wrap your arms around every mama and dad who have lost a baby this season. Take the load of grief that is so heavy to carry and replace it with your hope. Give these couples hope again. Remind them that your goodness still exists and that your timing is always right for blessings that will come. Show them that loss is not a punishment, but rather a tragedy that you will carry them through. Give purpose to the pain as only you know how to take tragedy and turn it into triumph. 

Lord please let every couple on the other side of grief and infertility raise their voices to your glory and carry their testimonies of your goodness to those who need to hear it the most. Let these testimonies give others the hope they need and the stories they need to hear. 

Show these couples that they are not forgotten. Hold them close and comfort their hearts this season. Give them strength for the days that bring them to their knees in despair. Help them see that you have a plan to give them the desires of their hearts. Give them comfort in knowing your plan is always much bigger and better than we can fathom, if only we carry faith in you and continued hope in your goodness. 

In Jesus’ Name,


© Strength 4 Spouses LLC, 2020.


*My story of loss, infertility, & hope can be found in Brave Women, Strong Faith. You can order a copy here. In addition, for more support and faith-based resources for your loss and infertility journey, read the blog post Faith-Based Infertility Resources for Those In a Season of Waiting, where I have compiled a list of books, podcasts, Facebook groups and more.


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