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Have you ever wondered how best to encourage young women in such a divisive and harsh climate as we are experiencing now? Being a teenager was not easy even twenty years ago. Now, technology and constant comparisons make young women question their worthiness and their value, which can have adverse effects on their self-esteem. Loved & Cherished: 100 Devotionals for Girls is a perfect book to guide young girls through the current times with one hundred devotionals.

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Loved & Cherished is a devotional for pre-teen and teen girls that gives them relevant examples and conversations to reflect upon. In addition, each devotional offers a practical application area called “living cherished” where the reader can think about and write about various examples from their lives and write ideas down. Lastly, each section offers a “talking with God” section that offers a prayer to recite. 


  • Language: This language of this book is perfect for young ladies. It provides relevant examples of issues teens face and offers spiritual guidance on how to reflect upon various scenarios. 
  • Format: The set up of each devotional is easy to follow and offers an area to apply each devotional to their own life. Also, at the end of each devotional is a prayer that helps the reader find the words to pray and speak to God about those same topics.  
  • Design: The design of not only the cover of this book but of each page is appealing. The vivid colors on the cover and the aesthetically pleasing graphics, colors, and font used is engaging to teen girls. 
  • Readability: The style of this book, the way it is organized, and the short amount of text for each devotional makes it appeal more to teens. 

My Final Thoughts

If you have a pre-teen or teenage girl, Loved & Cherished is a perfect gift. It can truly be a guide to them through relevant issues in today’s world that they may be facing. Each devotional relates scripture to real life scenarios. Beyond that, I love how there is a practical application piece that allows the reader to connect what they have read to their own lives. I would highly recommend purchasing this adorable and impactful devotional as a gift for a pre-teen or teenage young lady. I truly believe reading a book like this would have definitely helped me at that age. 

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About the Authors

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Lynn Cowell (pictured left) is a member of the Proverbs 31 speaker and writer teams. As an author of several books, Lynn passionately writes for women of all ages. Her many books include Brave Beauty, Finding the Fearless You, also for young girls. Lynn calls North Carolina home, where she and her husband, Greg and the occasional backyard deer are adjusting to life as “just us”. Greg and Lynn, love spending time with their three adult children hiking, blasting ‘80’s music and anything combining chocolate and peanut butter. 


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