Despite what you may have heard, Fayetteville, North Carolina truly is a great place to live. Every city has its strengths and weaknesses, however, Fayetteville has many strengths that are not always portrayed in the media. So, I am writing this piece to set the record straight.

Being a North Carolina native, I am up to speed on the news, crime reports, and the safety of places across the state to live. The media has always highlighted many of the “not so great” things about Fayetteville that honestly scared me to death when I relocated here with my husband, who is currently stationed at Fort Bragg. I moved here with an open but cautious mind about the area. 

The “magic fountain” in downtown Fayetteville.

After spending the last four years here, meeting people all across the city, and exploring businesses, towns, farms, resources, and more, I can honestly say that Fayetteville has grown on me. There are many reasons that might explain this fondness I now have for Fayetteville. However, I will focus on the top six things that have made me fall in love with this city.

#6: Resources-Fayetteville is rich in resources to help others. Many nonprofits exist here to help enrich life for the residents. There are nonprofits here for the arts, for service members, veterans, children and families, and more. A few of my favorites are Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, USO of NC, Fayetteville Urban Ministry, AGAPE Pregnancy Support Services, and CEED. If you have a need, there is probably a nonprofit available here that is standing by waiting to help.

Turner Lane gifts and more.

#5: Friendly People-One of the greatest charms of Fayetteville are the people. Residents are so nice here and always eager to make you feel at home. I have also witnessed this community uniting and coming together in many situations such as; lining the streets to honor soldiers home who lost their lives overseas, coming together for street cleanup after violent protests in the city in 2020, lining the streets to cheer on runners in the annual All American Marathon and Mike to Mike half marathon, and coming together to find ways to help small businesses thrive during the mandatory shutdowns and quarantine due to Covid-19 through the #downtownfaystrong initiative.

Sangria at Blue Moon Cafe

#4: Small Businesses-Fayetteville is made up of many small businesses. It goes to show you how much people want to invest in the community here. Many service members stick around the Fayetteville area and become business owners after they exit the military, local natives open up businesses here, and others move here with a deep interest in contributing to the local economy. For those of you who love Italian food, Pierro’s and Sammio’s are two great local choices. For dessert, coffee, and tea, The Rude Awakening Cafe, which has been a staple in downtown since 1999, will surely please your taste buds. If you’re looking for a nice glass of wine, head over to The Wine Cafe. If wine is not your thing but beer is, check out Dirt Bag Ales, Gaston Brewing Company, Huske Hardware Restaurant & Brewery, The Taphouse, and Bright Light Brewing Company.

The U.S. Army Airborne and Special Operations Museum

#3: Patriotism-Because Fayetteville is located close to one of America’s largest military bases, Fort Bragg, you can find patriotism and the American flag proudly waving around every corner. It’s a city that proudly supports the service members and families that occupy it. In addition, many families decide to make Fayetteville their home after their time in service has ended.

Bunce Brothers’ Farm

#2: Agriculture-Within the stretches of Cumberland County, you can find corn mazes, pumpkin patches, blueberry picking, strawberry picking, sunflower fields, and more. This area is rich in agriculture, which offers families many fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and activities to enjoy outdoors. Gillis Hill Farm, Bunce Brothers Farms, Inc, Carter Blueberry Farm, and more are located within Cumberland County. If you drive just outside of the county lines, you can find more farms like Gross Farms, Misty Morning Ranch, and Hubbs Farm, which all offer some wonderful family-friendly activities and treats.

#1: Downtown Fayetteville-The downtown area offers such an array of performing and visual arts, special events, shopping, dining, and more. Fayetteville’s downtown is family friendly and dog friendly too. Most restaurants with patios allow leashed and well behaved dogs. Seasonal special events in the downtown streets are; The Zombie Walk, A Charles Dickens Holiday, The Dogwood Festival, Prismatica, a Midsummer Night’s Dream, First Friday events, and so much more. Other fun attractions downtown include; the Fayetteville Woodpeckers Baseball Team, The U.S. Army Airborne and Special Operations Museum, and Concerts in Festival Park.

If your family is considering a trip, a move, or a military relocation to Fayetteville, keep an open mind. This city will surely sweep you off your feet with its charm. From the friendly people and the patriotism, to the many activities provided through downtown Fayetteville and the surrounding agriculture, it will surely feel like home. The small businesses make this city unique with diversity and the resources enrich life here in many ways.


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