A heart to serve military children

It is not uncommon for veterans and military spouses to find ways to give back to military communities. After all, they know first-hand what the needs of the community are and how to put their best efforts forward to help. Dr. Lisa Di Enno is no different. After serving in the United States Navy and attending to military children’s medical needs, she has decided to continue serving military families but in a different capacity. Now she is a civilian Pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer at XpertCare, a pediatric digital health company. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of XpertCare, however, opinions expressed in this post are my own.

When you speak to Dr. Di Enno, you can truly feel the passion she has for military families. It doesn’t stop there. She is eager to serve military children and help them stay healthy by working at XpertCare. She knew this was the right fit for her because she knows just how tough it can be to get a sick child into medical care promptly. It is her mission to close the gap to care for military children by being a part of the solution. Currently the company is Tricare approved for pediatric patients residing in the state of California with goals to expand to other states. Imagine what this could do for families who are PCSing and need urgent care for one of their children?

Telemedicine and Military Families

Telemedicine is the way of the future, even prior to the Coronavirus. Now that we are living through a pandemic, having digital options for care is of the utmost importance. It gives families an immediate option for care without having to wait long for an appointment time and minimizes exposing your child to germs inside a medical facility. Telemedicine can be a blessing for busy families and as a bonus offer medical care in the comfort of your own home without the need to wear masks.

Military families are under immense stress and pressure a great majority of the time. When a military child gets sick, families need a reliable option for prompt care and XpertCare offers families that choice. This company is dedicated to closing the gap for care and works diligently to provide timely reports to a child’s primary care Pediatrician regarding the digital visit. This gives continuity of care and benefits both the patient and the family. 

The Face Behind the Screen

Dr. Di Enno is no stranger to the needs of military families. She has over five years of clinical experience. In addition, she has served well and critically ill babies in the military hospital environment and conducted well visits for children of all ages and acute care visits in the clinical environment. It isn’t just her experience that makes Dr. Di Enno such a shining star in pediatric care, it is her obvious passion to serve military families, and her kind and compassionate demeanor that allows her to build rapport with families and patients immediately. 

If you are a military family currently residing in California, give XpertCare a call for your urgent pediatric care needs. They are Tricare-approved, no referrals are needed, you will receive prompt care for your child, and you might just be connected with Dr. Di Enno too. 

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