Dear Mamas, 

During this current season of Covid, virtual schooling, homeschooling, social distancing, remote working, and all of the craziness of 2020, it’s okay to say that “being a mom is hard.” That does not mean that you aren’t grateful for your beautiful little gifts God has given you. It means you’re tired, exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, and weary. You may have thought motherhood was going to be this flawless Instagram worthy journey of perfection everyday, but it doesn’t come close. Social media displays pictures of moms around you nailing this motherhood thing and making it look joyful and easy, meanwhile you are struggling. 

It does not mean that saying “motherhood is hard’ makes you a bad mom. It means you enjoy the good days and pray harder on those tough days. It means you appreciate the laughter and the carefree moments with your children a little more, because for a second, you forgot about the million other things you need to get accomplished by yesterday. 

When you see your happy and beautiful children, you remind yourself that even though you feel like a failure most days trying to juggle it all, you ARE doing something right. 

Motherhood can be difficult, lonely, and extremely exhausting. It’s the one job in the world that has a ton of overtime, no glamour, minimal breaks, and significant loss of freedom. However, it is the one profession that pays you in dividends that are priceless: sweet smiles, belly laughs, slobbery kisses, and the simple utter of the word “mama.” 

Mamas, I know you’re feeling worn. Raising a family takes a village and this year all of our villages just got even smaller. You need a break or someone to acknowledge your best efforts right now during this pandemic. I SEE YOU. I am one of you and I too struggle sometimes. Moms just need a little compassion and understanding. We need encouragement as we are doing the best we can right now. 

If your children are happy, healthy, and thriving, then you are winning. Remember that. 

Lastly, It’s okay to say “motherhood is hard,” because loving is easy and that is what gets us through. 


An Exhausted, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Joy Filled, Grateful, and Blessed Mama

© Strength 4 Spouses LLC, 2020.