Have you ever needed a cheerleader during a tough journey in your life? What about a professional that can see the BIG picture and guide your steps in the process to a goal? What if you want to make improvements in your life, your career, your relationships, or in yourself and you need some strategies to help you get there? Life coaches are the answer! They are not therapists, but are highly trained professionals who coach you all the way to your goals. Life coaches specialize in different areas and have diverse backgrounds in life experience, education, and training. Many coaches have advanced degrees and a deep desire to help others succeed. This may include strategies, actionable items to complete, and offering perspective to help you see things differently. All it takes is someone in your corner who can hold you accountable, help you strategize your path, and outline your next steps in order to achieve success.

Below are five coaches who are made up of veterans, active duty service members, and military spouses. I can personally attest that all of these powerful professionals are amazing people and have a genuine passion for helping others reach their highest potential. 

Tory Donato is active duty in the United States Air Force and specializes in relationship coaching over at Timeless Potential Coaching. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Intelligence Studies, and is a Certified Professional Coach and Relationship Tactician. Tory is goal and solution-oriented! His coaching style is laid back, conversational, and comfortable. He offers a methodology for improving relationships that he has authored and designed. Tory is dedicated to helping others improve and strengthen their relationships whether they are personal or professional.

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Chris Hoffman is a Marine Corps Veteran and specializes in career coaching. Through his own experiences transitioning out of the Marine Corps, he has persevered through the trenches of finding fulfillment in the civilian workforce. He authored the e-book 10 Steps to Predicted Success Out of the Uniform, hosts the Ambitious Vet Podcast, and champions veterans to find their fulfilling purpose as they transition out of service. Chris is passionate about helping veterans, enthusiastically motivating, and knowledgeable about the unique circumstances veterans face as they transition out of the military.

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Ashleigh Magee is active duty in the United States Navy, a military spouse, and a health coach. She is the most positive, upbeat, and considerately honest person you will meet. Ashleigh runs a private Facebook group for female veterans, female military members, and advocates to help women make healthier choices for an overall healthier lifestyle. Her focus areas with clients are the mind, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. She believes all of these areas are essential for health and wellness. 

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James Luter is a Navy Veteran, military spouse, and faith-based life coach at Devoted Life Coaching. James has a way with words and is such a wise, compassionate, and inspiring person. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching from Liberty University. If you are lost in life and need motivation, James is your coach. He will build you up, give you guidance, motivation, and sprinkle in faith-based concepts. He believes that “personal development, the importance of vision, and proper goal setting” can improve your life.

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Dr. Patrice Carter is a certified Christian Life Coach and trainer at Breakpoint Coaching Collective. At BCC, they certify, equip, and train Christian life coaches. She is a Veteran of the United States Army Reserve, military spouse, author, speaker, and Assistant Professor of Business/Healthcare. Dr. Carter is not only a highly educated and well-rounded person, but she is also a compassionate and inspiring person whether you have heard her speak, read her books, been a student in her class or coaching program, or worked with her one-on-one as a client. She offers faith-based life coaching services and trains individuals who are interested in becoming a Christian Life Coach.

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Whether you need help with health and wellness, career, relationships, goals, or handling life, all of the life coaches listed above can inspire you to make positive changes. 

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