Deployment is a painful time for you and your soldier, but it’s necessary for the freedom we enjoy today. However, you can draw strength from this cause and support your soldier through this difficult time by giving them practical gifts. There are tons of military going away gifts but you need something that is going to help your warrior overcome an obstacle or make their life easier.

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Thankfully, I’ve done the thinking for you and you can scan through the list below and pick out the perfect gifts for your deployed soldier.

Best Gifts For Deployed Soldiers

1. Family Photo Album


Image provided by Rogue Journals

You can be sure that your soon-to-be-deployed servicemen will miss the hell out of their loved ones. This compact handmade leather album is here to ease their homesickness. Fill it with their favorite memories and gift it prior to deployment. They will cherish this gift throughout their deployment.

2. Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Image provided by Mighty Organic

Make sure to get this all American favorite snack to your deploying hero. It’s a good source of protein and tasty. Because it’s keto-friendly, organic and USDA approved, this snack is actually healthy. They can munch on this anywhere, all thanks to its convenient packing.

3. Natural Water Enhancer

Image provided by Stur

Deployed servicemen are often doing physically demanding work and being hydrated is very important for their health. Ex-soldiers say that water flavoring is a welcome addition to the monotonous chow on base. Stur has a variety of flavors that are zero calories and keto-friendly. That’s a win-win situation.

4. Protein Powder Individual Stick Packs

Image provided by Optimum Nutrition

This deployment time away from home can be used by your soldier to build muscle and get back on the fitness train. These deploying servicemen also don’t have a lot of space in their luggage so these protein powder packets are perfect for squeezing in their backpack. Help them achieve their fitness goals.

5. Tactical Multitool

Image provided by SOG

A good and handy multi-tool is an asset for any military service member. If your loved one is getting deployed, this nifty little tool is going to come in handy. It is government approved and specially designed for tactical military use with its black oxide coating to minimize reflection. Its 18 sturdy tools will help your soldier out in any situation and it’s even Explosive ordnance disposal ready.

6. Mechanix Tactical Gloves

Image provided by Mechanix

You soldier is going to be doing a lot of handy work during deployment and the military issued gloves often lack the flexibility our soldiers need. Mechanix is a well-respected brand for making rugged, well-insulated, and flexible gloves. Soldiers have reviewed these gloves to be a lifesaver during deployment appreciating its good build and comfortable padding. Go ahead and get your soldier one of these; they will be thankful. 

7. Wiley X Slay Sunglasses

Image provided by Wiley X

A good pair of sunglasses is vital during deployment especially if your soldier is going to a dusty and hot region. Whether on patrol or being on the afternoon run, this lightweight yet rugged sunglasses are going to protect their eyes from the hostile elements. These sharp styled sunglasses are perfect for all occasions. 

8. Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Image provided by Shave Revolution

The military likes to keep our boys sharp and shaved. While deployments can be long, there is no reason your soldier boy can’t treat himself to a luxury shave once in a while. This kit comes complete with ten razor blades, brush, oils, and balm to prep him for a luxury shaving experience. The top-notch quality of this set will make your soldier very happy.

9. Non-greasy Outdoor Sunscreen

Image provided by Neutrogena has declared this Neutrogena sunscreen as the best overall for outdoor use. Do you know that your soldier will endure a grueling outdoor exposure during his deployment? You need to make sure he comes back in good health and that includes taking care of his skin as well. The best part is, this sunscreen is non-greasy and doesn’t irritate the eyes while delivering 2X more UV protection than the mineral ones.

10. Wireless Earbuds

Image provided by Bose

Earbuds are essential to keep your soldier entertained and focused. These quality Bose audio buds are top-notch and will endure the harsh deployment environment. With six-hour playback and sweatproof design, your soldier can go for a long run or pound through a gruelling workout without the fear of their music abruptly stopping. 

11. Rugged Mini 1TB External Hard Drive

Image provided by LaCie

Soldiers have limited entertainment options during deployment and one of the most favorite pastimes is to watch movies and TV shows off their trusty portable hard drive. Actually, this is a solid way of keeping their morale up. Harsh environments and few bumps may damage their precious drive and we don’t want them to suffer. Introducing the 1TB rugged mini hard drive, that will keep your soldier entertained throughout the deployment. This one is a must-have gift for your binge-watching soldier.

12. Rugged Battery Power Bank

Image provided by EasyAcc

Nowadays we are surrounded with tech that makes our life easier but also needs frequent charging. Like our phone, tablet, smart watch and more. This is especially frustrating if you are outdoors like your soldier will be during deployment. Make their life easier by gifting this massive 24000 mAh battery. It’s IP66 rugged rating makes sure it will survive the harsh deployment weather and handling. Solar panel on top gives it a bonus recharging feature when no electrical outlet is nearby.

13. Nintendo Switch

Image provided by Nintendo

If your soldier is a gaming freak there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than this handheld gaming console. In addition to handheld gaming, It has two removable controllers which means they can also enjoy two player games with their buddies. For big screen play, it can also be hooked up to the TV. This one really has it all. 

14. Handmade Leather Journal

Image provided by Sovereign Gear

During deployment your soldier will have a lot of time on their hands. If they’ve always wanted to write, this handmade leather journal is perfect for them. They can start journaling, write a memoir or use it as a productivity tool; the options are endless. Made with genuine horse leather, it has 300 pages, and comes with a beautiful pen. 

15. Luxurious Raised Ink Stationery

Image provided by American Stationary

If you’re looking to spice up the letter writing experience for your soldier during deployment, look no further. This personalized letter writing stationery can be customized with different ink colors and fonts. Customers found the engraving elegant and paper feel as premium. With 150 envelopes and 50 papers and note cards, your soldier is not going to run out anytime soon.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you’ve got some great ideas by now. If you have any great recommendations, please be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear back from you. If you want to have a look at more gift recommendations, you can head over to Gift a Soldier where you will find tons of Gift guides specifically for the military.

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