Relocating every 3-4 years can be challenging for military families. Move My Way: A Moving Journal for Kids is a journal that helps children keep track of their feelings, special places and memories of the home they are leaving, as well as predictions about their new place of residence. This journal was developed by a military spouse to assist military kids with the transitions of moving, after watching how hard PCSing was on her own children. 

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Move My Way is a literary tool that will guide children through the process of moving such as; saying goodbyes, documenting the moving process, and predicting what life might be like in a new place. Relocating can be quite emotional and this journal has plenty of prompts that will guide children through much of what they may be feeling.


This book touches on several important aspects of processing a move such as:

  • Describing the current home and life.
  • Writing out feelings about the move.
  • Predicting what life will be like in a new place.
  • Specifics about the relocation date.
  • Journaling about life after the move.

Another positive is the artistically simple pages that will inspire children to use their own creativity. In addition, the prompts on each page encourages children to express their feelings and helps them find the positives in their move. 

My Final Thoughts

Moving can be tough for military families, especially when they have become fond of a certain location. Move My Way: A Moving Journal for Kids gives them a space to write about how they feel. It encourages them to find the positives and adventure in their new location, while also giving them a place to write out their feelings. This book is perfect for elementary-aged children who are experiencing a major move, whether they are military affiliated or not. While this book is especially made for military children who relocate frequently, it can also be great for any child who is going through the major transition of relocation. 

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About the Author

Melissa Hanlon is a Marine spouse and mom of three boys. Through her experience PCSing with kids, she was inspired to create a book that would guide military kids through the moving process; before, during, and after. 

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