a mother and her son sitting in a field hugging with the caption "to the moms celebrating their first mother's day with a rainbow baby
Photo Credit: Kerry Beth Photography

Mother’s Day to a loss mom was once a day of dred. It was a kick in the gut, a painful day, and a stark reminder of the loss that so deeply broke our hearts. 

For some it took months, for others it took years, and for many it took medical intervention but we made it to this day with a child of our own.

Mother’s Day this year is like Christmas to loss moms, as we now have that precious baby of our own. We feel giddy, we feel excited, we cannot believe our day is finally here. The day we longed for, to be considered a mom, has arrived. Although, we know in our hearts that we became a mom many years prior to a babe who was chosen to live in heaven. We will never forget our heavenly baby or babies. We will always feel that pain, but now this rainbow child is our symbol of hope. This baby is our constant reminder that good things really do happen after triumphing over tragedy. Our rainbow babies teach us that pain and loss have a season, as does healing and joy. They are the powerful testimony and story of hope that we willingly share often to other loss moms still waiting on their own miracle.

So what will Mother’s Day be like to mothers who have experienced loss and also gained a rainbow baby? It is a day with new joy. It’s like crossing the finish line of what felt like an unending marathon. It’s a right of passage into a new group of moms. Moms who no longer have sadness and despair hanging over their lives. Instead, the future looks bright again through the eyes and smile of our rainbow babies. This Mother’s Day will be one of the best days of the year to us.

So, to all the mother’s celebrating their first Mother’s Day with their rainbow babies, soak it all in and enjoy every second of this special day. We fought so hard to celebrate motherhood and the title of MOM. Thank God for the storm, for our rainbow miracles, and for our stories of hope. Happy Mother’s Day.

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