a baby sleeping with a military uniform

April is month of the military child. All month long, you can celebrate military kids for their bravery, resilience, & strength. Click here for ways to show them appreciation.

This year, since I have a military child of my own, I thought I would put together some thoughts about what hopes I have for my son as he grows up in the military lifestyle.

My Hope for You, Military Child

My hopes for you my dear military child are plentiful and high.

I hope this life does not tear you down, but rather builds you up to be strong.

With each move, I hope you learn that a home is when our family is together, no matter the location.

With every new school that you attend, I hope you learn to bravely be yourself. May you always offer kindness to the new kids, since you know what it feels like to be one.

With each bedtime, birthday, or special event your dad might miss, my hope for you is that you will learn the true meaning of sacrifice.

While you grow up watching your daddy put on his uniform daily, I hope you learn the face of patriotism, hard work, commitment, & bravery.

Lastly, my hope for you, military child, is that you will develop into the best version of you that you can be, not in spite of military life but because of it.

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