a hand holding a miniature Earth with the caption "7 Practical Ways to Be More Kind to Earth"

It’s Earth Day and a perfect time to think about how to be nicer to our planet. I am sure you are already doing your part by recycling, but there are so many other ways we can improve our daily activities to be more earth friendly.

Below are a few practical ways to be more “green.”

1-Use Stainless Steel Straws- This is the greatest discovery. If you use straws a lot, then invest in a few stainless steel straws. They are even better for the environment than paper straws, and they don’t get mushy halfway through your drink. If you rinse them right after each use, they stay super clean. 

2-Grow your own fruits and vegetables- There has never been a better time to try growing your own fruits and vegetables. Whether you have a dedicated space for an in-ground garden, or prefer raised beds, there is something so satisfying about harvesting your own food. 

3-Freeze unused herbs- How many times have you either bought herbs that went to waste or couldn’t use them fast enough from your garden? This is where freezing herbs comes in handy. All you do is wash them thoroughly, dry them, and chop them up finely as you would for a recipe. Place them in a tightly sealed ramekin or container and place in the freezer for up to 12 months. Anytime you need herbs for a recipe or want to add a small dash to something, they are readily available and taste as fresh as they day you chopped them up. A few of my favorites to freeze are rosemary, parsley, and basil. 

4-Use energy efficient light bulbs- While energy efficient bulbs can be more costly, they will save on your electricity bill over time. We can all use savings there. 

5-Shop for used clothes- Instead of buying new clothes all the time, shop thrift stores and yard sales for used clothing. Not only are you saving money but it is also more environmentally friendly to buy second hand clothes.

6-Plan errands accordingly- Instead of making several trips out to run errands, plan your trip out accordingly. Try to finish all that you need to do while you are on one specific side of town. This will not only save you gas money and mileage, but also eliminate additional pollution from your car. 

7-Take your own reusable shopping bags- When you go shopping or to the grocery store, taking your own reusable bags helps eliminate plastic bags from landfills and oceans.

How ever you decide to “go green” this Earth Day and beyond, the important thing is knowing there are multiple ways we can all be more kind to Mother Earth. One simple adjustment can make a huge impact on our carbon footprint, eliminate unnecessary waste and pollution, and help us live a more sustainable life. 

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