a picture of a fence chained together with the caption "The Time America Closed For Business & 10 Things It Taught Us"

I never imagined that we might live through anything like the Coronavirus Pandemic in America. It’s truly apocalyptic and something we might see in a Hollywood movie, but in real life?

It’s almost as if we have been de-sensitized in this digital age as many of us truly did not believe this could happen here. We certainly didn’t think COVID-19 could create insurmountable collapses and hardships on our people, economy, and systems. 

The domino effect outbreaks caused on the economy, healthcare system, public school systems, colleges, small businesses, & even grocery shopping have changed the way we operate.

Is it all doom and gloom?

Not necessarily. In America, we certainly miss our way of life, but have you noticed how our nation is coming together to help one another? This hasn’t happened in a long time as America has been divided for the last 10 plus years in many ways.

Now, we are seeing:

  • Neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Companies giving time and materials to help supply medical staff with masks as well as personal protection equipment.
  • People rallying behind small businesses and restaurants to help them stay open.
  • Teachers parading through neighborhoods to tell their students how much they miss them. 
  • Acts of gratitude for medical personnel. 

Compassion and service to others is a common theme during all of this.

Our lives have changed in a BIG way to include:

  • Children are now being home schooled and learning online.
  • All college classes have been moved online.
  • Most companies have either laid off employees due to having to close the doors to their businesses or forced them to work from home.
  • All extracurricular activities for people of all ages have been shut down.
  • Restaurants that have remained open are now only offering the take out option.
  • Most states are under a “shelter in place” order and some have curfews in place limiting how much people are leaving their homes.

So, what has all of this taught us? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Family is everything! In these uncertain moments, we hold family a little tighter, appreciate the time we have with family, and anticipate when we can see those again that live far away. 
  2. Human connection is a vital part of life. Being social and around others is the essence of human nature. We are social creatures. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is how precious human connection is in our everyday lives.
  3. Being outdoors is real therapy. People have never utilized the outdoors like they are now. Because we have no other choices, being outdoors just became first choice. It offers a sense of calm, peace to the soul, rejuvenation, a break, and it is great therapy to the mind, body, & spirit.
  4. Exercise helps you in more ways than one. There has never been a better time to focus on being more fit. Exercise has more benefits than to just get you in shape. It can help you keep your sanity and assist you with your mental health during these stressful and uncertain times.
  5. Self-Care is a necessity. It has never been more essential than now. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is a great way to have more balance in life and it also can help boost your immune system!
  6. We take so much for granted. I could go on and on here about so many ways we are fortunate in America and don’t realize it until something like this happens. First, the freedom to come and go as we please. Being on a “shelter in place” order and everything being shut down has limited our movement daily. Next, going grocery shopping and being able to find everything on your list in stock. Also, visiting with family and friends without travel restrictions.
  7. The freedom to go anywhere is valuable. Has this situation made you realize that the little things are everything? Just being able to go to the park, children being able to go to school, and people returning to work is a true gift. These simple things weren’t realized until the choice was taken away.
  8. The real heroes are truck drivers, farmers, and medical personnel. Those who are working hard to sustain our people right now are those providing our food and those providing medical care. These are some of our most basic and urgent necessities right now.
  9. Faith is the way. To make it through these trying times, we all need to rely on God. More than ever, people are turning to their faith. Not being able to attend church and worship with others has made people rethink and reevaluate how they can worship.
  10. There are many ways to give back and help others. The greatest lesson we have learned in all of this is that “we are in this together.” Every American, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or sex has come together as ONE! We have pulled together to help those on the front lines, to help those in need, to connect communities through technology, to show compassion, to give thanks, and so much more.

May we never forget these important lessons, the unity, and the extraordinary acts for others long after we have survived this pandemic.

© Strength 4 Spouses LLC, 2020.