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Ask any military spouse and they will tell you that luck isn’t always their best friend in military life. In fact, Murphy’s Law is more of a permanent fixture in our lives than Lady Luck. 

In that case, we need all the extra luck we can get our hands on. For many of us, that means taking our “good luck” traditions with us to each duty station. For others, it means sticking to traditions that were well established prior to military life.  

Military spouses stationed around the world have shared their good luck traditions below.

They may just inspire you to start some of your own…

“We always touch planes before we get on them. Like as we are walking through the door. We travel a lot so my kids do it every time.” -Meredith, Okinawa, Contributor for Military Moms Blog

“My husband has a tiny pouch with good luck charms to take with him on deployment. I gave him this when we started dating 13 years ago. The pouch has a crocheted shamrock and other tiny symbolic items.” -Alison, North Carolina, Author of “Mommy’s Big Red Truck” and HodgePodge

“We take Texas tradition with us and always hang horseshoes over our front door for good luck.” -Cynthia, Texas, LPC

“If I stub my toe or spill something within an hour of getting out of bed, especially if it’s right away, I get back in, close my eyes, count to 100, and try again.” -Manda, Colorado

“I wear a small silver heart necklace with a bit of my Grandfather’s ashes in it. He helped raise me and taught me how to be independent and persistent in the pursuit of my dreams.” -Tiffany, North Carolina, Tiffany Haywood aka The Mrs. T

“My good luck tradition is to say “bye, see you later, I’ll be back” to my two labradors before leaving for work and pat them on the head. I’m not a morning person though, and I forget if I’ve done it or not, so I probably end up saying “bye” two or three times before I actually leave the house. When I forget to do it, I have terrible luck on those days. My poor pups probably think I’m crazy, but it’s better than bad luck.” -Adam, Louisiana, InstantHandz

“I have this small Teddy bear in my car that has “guardian angel” embroidered on it and it has wings. I got it from one of my grandmothers when I turned 16 and got my license. It’s always been in my car and I’ve never had an accident or gotten a ticket, so I don’t dare remove it. It’s had things spilled on it and is currently riding in the trunk, but it’s still there… 13 years and counting.” -Seanna, California, Cultivated Strategy Group

“My husband and I found a fountain in downtown Fayetteville on our first date. We each threw in a penny, trying to toss it into the very top part, and made a wish. Now, every time we pass that fountain, we throw a penny in and make a wish. The key is, your penny has to land in the top tier. We have been doing this since 2014 and many wishes have come true in our family since then.” Wendi, North Carolina, Strength 4 Spouses

Do you have a good luck tradition? Feel free to share it in the comments. 

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