The Adventures of a Military Brat series of books are written by a service member and military spouse-husband and wife team. The goal of this book series is to explain military life challenges and how to find the positive in them through the eyes of a child. This can be extremely helpful to military kids who face transitions, separation from a parent, moving, and many other challenges.

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In My Military Life, the reader can catch a glimpse of what a day in military life is like for a kid. The main character’s cousin, Lucas, comes to visit him. They discuss how his family might be moving and they go to a family day gathering with the main character’s family. They also discuss how his dad just returned from a deployment and they take a tour of frequently visited places on base. Lucas learns all about military life during his visit with his cousin.  


This book touches on several important aspects of military life:

  • Relocation also known as PCSing
  • Reintegration
  • Deployment
  • Life as a Military Kid

The main character discusses everything with his cousin and finds the positive in many challenges military kids face. The first one is relocation or PCSing. He enjoys being able to “discover new and different places to play.” Next, he talks about why family day is important because his dad was gone for a really long time and it’s a way to celebrate them returning home. Lastly, he takes his cousin by a few known places on a military base; the PX, Commissary, and a school. He also explains why it is necessary to stand at attention during the bugle call.

My Final Thoughts

The Adventures of a Military Brat series is perfect for school-aged children, whether military affiliated or not. These books will give military kids comfort reading the stories as they have experienced many of the topics the characters talk about. For civilian children, this series can teach them so much about military life from the culture to everyday life. In My Military Life, the main character puts a positive spin on some of the pressing issues faced in military life, which can influence other military kids to find the silver lining too.

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About the Authors

 Dr. Johanna Gomez is a military spouse and licensed Mental Health Counselor. Johanna has dedicated her life to supporting military families, both in her personal and professional career.








Daniel Gomez is a US Army Special Operations Officer and Combat Veteran. A proven leader and certified military instructor, Danny specializes in both education and training.








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