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At the beginning of each year, wellness seems to be in the forefront of everyone’s goals. As life gets busy, it doesn’t always stay on the top of the priority list.

A savings account grows when you make “deposits” into it over time. The same is true for your wellness. You have to make intentional “deposits” in order to have balance and growth.

Wellness isn’t just about feeling and looking good physically. It encompasses your entire realm; physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. Having balance in these areas can improve your life drastically.

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Luckily there are six easy ways to invest in your overall wellness this year:

1-Physical Wellness:

Attend Group Fitness Classes

  • Most military installations offer gyms, recreation, and group fitness classes at very affordable costs. Trying out a group fitness class will not only help you feel good internally and externally, but it’s also a great way to connect with others. If working out on post is not an option, then you can find a local gym that suits your needs.

2-Mind, Body, & Spirit:

Attend a Wellness Summit or Retreat

  • Independent Wellness SummitThis is a virtual retreat for military and first responder spouses that occurs annually. This year it will be the week of March 2nd-7th. Registration is FREE. However, an All Access Pass will give you lifetime access to the speaker recordings, access to the private Facebook group, and entry for prizes including the grand prize from Chris Kyle Frog Foundation-an all-expense paid trip to the Empowered Spouse Retreat. *For 50% off the All Access Pass, use code: S4S20 at checkout. To learn more about the summits from previous years, click on the year for a recap: 2018-Renew You, 2019-Life with Purpose.
  • The Becoming Retreat-This is a 3 day getaway including lodging, meals, yoga, stress-reduction, mindfulness, and so much more. This will be happening April 7-9 at Circle S Ranch, in Lawrence, KS. Registration closes March 2nd.

3-Resilience for Military Life & Connecting:

Sign up for one of the many programs offered by the USO

For example: The USO of NC provides:

  • Family Resets
  • Spouse Resets
  • Expectant Spouse Resets
  • Monthly Coffee Chats for Spouses

*Check with your local USO to see what programs are offered.

4-Wellness for Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, & Post-Partum:

Invest in Your Pelvic Floor & Core Health

These areas are often neglected and it is never too early to start. MUTU System is not just for moms. It is a series of at-home workouts that strengthen pelvic floor and core. The MUTU System, created by Wendy Powell, is especially made for women after childbirth. However, it works wonders for your body pre-pregnancy and during early pregnancy too. For more information about the MUTU System, click here.

5-Emotional Wellness:

Mental Health

You should never be embarrassed to seek professional help when needed. Pressures of military life can wreak havoc on your mental health and there are so many resources for military spouses who need assistance.

  • Military One Source-Open 24 hours, 7 days per week to help you get set up with in-person or telephonic counseling. Call 1-800-342-9647
  • Cohen Veterans Network-Currently offers “no cost” in-person or video call counseling for active duty family members and veterans. Check the website to find a location near you.

6-Spiritual Wellness:

Worship with Others

Join a Bible study, a MOPS group, or attend a spiritual conference.

However you decide to invest in your wellness, make sure it is a priority. Being a military spouse myself, I know first-hand about the transitions, pressures, and stress that we face throughout the year. Making wellness a part of our lives will certainly make us much better mothers, wives, and people. It will also better equip us with the resilience needed to handle the ups and downs of military life, while also assisting us to build a support system.

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