the cover of the book "Rufus T. Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House" with a stuffed mouse sitting next to it

Starting over, developing friendships, and saying goodbye are common themes in the military world. Rufus T. Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House examines these concepts throughout the story while intertwining scripture.

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Rufus T. Rouse embarks on a journey to find a home. He does just that and makes lasting memories with new friends, until they are relocated. Bible verses help him find peace through the ups and downs in his journey and they can help you too.

the cover of the book "Rufus T. Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House" with a stuffed mouse sitting next to it


It isn’t often that you find Christian children’s books. The series Rufus T. Rouse incorporates scripture as a guide to what is happening in the story. Each book has punch out cards of the verses used located in the back of the book for children to practice learning scripture.

Karen F. Gilbert, the author of this series, is a retired teacher. She incorporates pre-planned curriculum with each book in the series. This is a huge bonus for fellow educators and Sunday school teachers.

Since Rufus T. Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House is the first book in this series, the ending has you guessing and making predictions as to what will happen next in Rufus T Rouse’s journey. This is a great skill for young children to learn. Making predictions creates suspense and excitement for what might happen in the next book; Rufus T Rouse, Mystery at the Manger.

My Final Thoughts

The story of Rufus T. Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House is a great read for children who wish to explore the power of friendships and goodbyes, while also learning scripture. Christian children’s books are not always easy to find and this series is perfect for elementary-aged children. Rufus, the cute little mouse, will engage readers along his journey and teach some valuable lessons in the process.

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headshot of the author Karen F. Gilbert

About the Author

After retiring as Director of Continuing Education at College of The Albemarle, Karen F. Gilbert began a new career in writing…resulting in a Christian storybook series. 

The initial tale, “Rufus T Rouse, Wee Mouse in the House” was published in 2017.  “Rufus T Rouse, Mystery at the Manger” is the newer book of the series that also incorporates scripture and prayer into the adventures of a wee mouse from Scotland. Each book reveals a set of Bible verse cards on the last page to prompt children to learn scripture and share with friends.

Often her heart and thoughts turn towards Scotland as it was her mom’s birthplace, thus the origin of Rufus T Rouse, the central character in the series. Karen’s passion in writing is to encourage children to come to know and fall in love with Jesus through His Word, and certainly, have fun with Rufus T. along the way. When she’s not writing Karen and her husband, Dean, enjoy the coast of North Carolina and precious time spent with their family… son, Justin; daughter-in-law, Bethanie; and granddaughter, Arabella Grace. She states, “I know we are blessed beyond measure.” 

“The Lord your God has blessed everything you have done.” Deuteronomy 2:7 (International Children’s Bible)

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