The cover of the book "Happily Joint: The Secret to Relationship Resiliency"


With over twenty years of marital experience, Kenneth and Maxine Reyes share valuable insight on making a marriage strong and resilient. They have both served in the United States military and know first-hand the unique challenges that military life can place on a marriage and how to overcome them.  In this workbook, they share tips from the male and female perspective on marriage and challenge you and your partner to have discussions after reading each chapter.

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This self-help book is loaded with valuable experiences, information, inspiration, and thought-provoking questions to help build resiliency in your marriage. It uncovers areas that need to be discussed whether you have been married for a year or over twenty years.  Next, Happily Joint: The Secret to Relationship Resiliency is easy to read and follow along with. There are ten tips to go through, from his and her perspective, which guide informative discussions with your spouse. At the end of each chapter, there is scripture to focus on, along with a short explanation of it in terms of marriage. Lastly, included after every tip are prompts that are helpful to go through with your spouse. There is even space to write out your answers in the book and work through them if you and your spouse desire to do so.

My Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through Happily Joint: The Secret to Relationship Resiliency with my spouse. Each tip from his and her perspective was right on point and allowed us to see both the male and the female perspective from the experts. We discussed each of the questions at the end of the chapters and learned some new things about each other, our marriage, and moving forward. It’s necessary to communicate with your spouse and listen with an open mind in order to discuss the tough things. This book helps couples to do just that. Military life puts unique challenges onto a marriage, but that does not mean that couples cannot persevere through them. With love, faith, commitment, and the willingness to continue educating yourselves in marriage through books like this, military marriages can and will survive.

Whether you have just gotten married or you are celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, this book is essential to retaining a strong marriage and building the resilience needed for military life.

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About the Authors

Kenneth & Maxine Reyes are best friends who have been married for 22 years. They are devoted Christian parents to their daughter, Victoria, and their French Bulldog, Lexi. They are both published authors, speakers, leadership coaches, masters of ceremonies, wellness enthusiasts, youth advocates, Vlog/Podcast Hosts, and U.S. Army Combat Veterans. You can always find Kenneth & Maxine in the community serving, speaking, and hosting charitable events. Kenneth further serves the community by mentoring young men in college. Maxine is active in the Veteran community helping women Veterans and military spouses excel in the Arts and public speaking arena, and mentoring the youth. Their efforts have impacted countless lives through all forms of media with their message of living resiliently, courageously, and gracefully. Their genuine nature is relatable to all audiences.

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