Over the last few years, subscription boxes have gained extreme popularity with their specially curated themes and one of a kind items. After all, who doesn’t like getting happy mail or a special package delivered each month?

Military families especially need this lovely happy mail as they face deployments, frequent moves, and numerous life transitions throughout each year. Several military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs have noticed the need for subscription boxes catered to service members, military kids, and military spouses. They have answered that call by creating specially designed and curated items that will be helpful to the military community. Below are a few of my favorites for all who make up a military family.

For Military Kids

Photo provided by Deploy Joy Co

Deploy Joy Co

This military spouse-owned business creates monthly “joy” boxes designed for children ages 4-7 to ease them through the separation of deployment. Each box has special activities, toys, information on separation and coping, as well as tools to help children through deployment.

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For Military Spouses

Photo provided by Brave Crate

Brave Crate

This specially made monthly subscription box is catered to military spouses on the home front facing separation during deployment. This concept was created by a military spouse who has faced many deployments and noticed a need to inspire, encourage, and comfort military spouses during the time of separation from their service member. Subscribers are invited to join a private Facebook group where they are given more tools, inspiration, connection with other spouses, and access to several guest speakers each month. Brave Crate is a fun and peppy brand that makes deployments a little easier for military spouses.

Photo provided by Milso Box

Milso Box

This veteran-owned business creates monthly boxes for the service member’s significant other. Each month’s box has specially curated items meant to uplift and brighten the lives of the significant others who are standing by their service members. Many of the featured items are from military spouse and veteran owned businesses as well as made in America.

For Service Members

Brav Box

This veteran-owned business caters to the service member on the home front, or while they are deployed overseas. This subscription box provides healthy snacks curated each month for the health-minded service member to enjoy. This patriotic snack box will surely bring a smile to health conscious military members.

Photo provided by Troopster

Troopster Care Packs

This concept was created by an active duty sailor. Each month’s “pack” includes snacks and other items deployed service members find helpful while overseas.  Because these packages are curated by veterans and active duty service members, they contain items that service members are guaranteed to love.

If you want to create your own care package to send to a service member overseas, I encourage you to check out resources provided by the expert over at CountDowns and Cupcakes. This is also a military spouse owned business that helps you understand the process of mailing things overseas and she provides creative ways and options to decorate the inside of each box with specific themes and ideas. She even sells the flaps for boxes already decorated to make life easier for you, click here to view those items in her Etsy shop.

There are many ways to send care packages to all who make up a military family. The subscription boxes listed above can be sent one time without commitment to a monthly plan and they each have subscription options too. The act of love behind sending a care package whether it be to a military kid, a spouse, or the service member is what matters most. 

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