Strength 4 Spouses Year 2 Recap

Strength 4 Spouses is a place where military spouses, veterans, and those who support the military can find encouragement, inspiration, and resources to help them find their strength through the ups and downs of all phases of military life. While there are many ways to find strength in this lifestyle, Strength 4 Spouses focuses on four key areas to find strength; faith, fitness, volunteerism, and finding your purpose.  To learn more about the story and inspiration behind Strength 4 Spouses, click here.

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This hashtag campaign has gained momentum in year two. It was created in early 2018 to empower military spouses to be their own person apart from the service member. It focuses on the ambitions and achievements of so many amazing military spouses around the world who are goal getters. #MoreThanaMilspouse highlights the ambitious, driven, amazing, multi-faceted life of a military spouse.

Be sure to use it to tag the amazing things you are doing in your community, the goals you are striving for, and the many hats you wear beyond the title of military spouse, because you are so much more than just married to a service member.

The Big Achievements from Year 2:

Products-Strength 4 Spouses began creating swag to help support the brand and the initiatives of the Strength 4 Spouses mission. Click here to view the Strength 4 Spouses swag.

Services-Writing and Technology services have been made available. Due to my education and background in higher education, helping others learn the art of writing is my passion. I love helping budding authors with affordable editing services too.

Military Influencer Conference in Orlando 2018

Collaborations-Year two has been all about collaborations. It has been amazing getting to know people all over the world while supporting each other’s businesses.

Learning-As a former teacher, I believe that lifelong learning is a must. I have attended some amazing in-person workshops, conferences, certification classes, and online self-paced courses to improve upon my knowledge, skills, and expertise. Each of these learning opportunities has given me a chance to network and meet others, which has been so valuable. The Military Influencer Conference, MUTU Workshops, MYCAA Scholarship, AMPLIFY,  InDependent’s Virtual Military Spouse Wellness Summit, USO of NC’s Expectant Spouse Reset, USO’s Salute to Military Spouses, and Milspouse Fest have all helped me to grow tremendously as a military spouse, entrepreneur, professional, and soon to be mom.

Published-I had articles published in 3 different magazines; Military Spouse, Fort Bragg’s In-Motion Magazine , and Legacy Magazine Volume IV. You can view all of the places where my writing has been published on the “As Seen On Page.”


DescriptionNumbers for 2017-2018Numbers for 2018-2019
Number of blog posts published6857
Guest Posts written for others1712
Guest Posts published on the blog1315
Podcast Guest35
Combined Social Media Reach13863275
Books Read and Reviewed59

Giveaways were shipped to 10 different states, delivered locally in the Fayetteville community, and 2 shipped overseas. We partnered with 4 military spouse owned businesses, 6 veteran-owned businesses, and 3 local businesses in Fayetteville for giveaways during year two. If you would like to partner for a giveaway, please contact us here.

Top 5 Most Popular Posts from Year 2 (2018-2019):

5-4 Ways to Support Military Couples without Children

4-To the Childless Father this Father’s Day

3-Just One God, Just One-Making it Through Another Pregnancy Announcement

2-What Defines Love in the Military World

 1-The Growing Popularity of Remote Work for Military Spouses

What’s next in year 3 for Strength 4 Spouses?

  • Continue offering writing services which includes; sponsored blog posts, editing, and college writing assistance.
  • Continued collaborations with military spouse and veteran-owned businesses.
  • The journey of motherhood.
  • Publish a special devotional I have been working on.
  • Publish a children’s book.
  • Continued advocacy and empowerment for military spouses through #morethanamilspouse, fitness, faith, volunteerism, and purpose. 
  • Continued advocacy for military couples without children who are on an infertility journey (this is a topic that will always remain near and dear to my heart).
headshot of the author Wendi Iacobello

Notes of Appreciation

Last, but certainly not least, I want to say thank you to so many people who have helped me along on this blogging and entrepreneurship journey. First, my family and friends were my very first followers, cheerleaders, and supporters.  They were the ones who showed unwavering love on the blog, social media, or simply cheered me on when perfectionism and fear would get the best of me.  My husband has been truly amazing and supported me through so many late nights of crafting the perfect image, the perfect post, or listening to me read aloud the stories I was about to spill to the world. My man is truly one and a million and his love and support has given me confidence to simply be me.

To all of my followers, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are the reason I am continuing on this blogging journey. Your sweet comments, messages, and emails have truly touched my heart. Your support means the world to me and I hope that Strength 4 Spouses gives you just as much as you continue to give me.

Collaborating with others is huge in the blogging world.  I have been fortunate to meet in-person and get to know so many amazing military spouses and veteran-owned businesses, simply from arranging collaborations. When you collaborate with others, you get to know the person behind the business.  You help them and they help you.  For all of those I have collaborated with in my second year through exchanging of guest posts, reviewing products, giveaways, and book reviews, thank you for the chance.  You all have given me the opportunity to know the awesome person behind the scenes, to learn about your business, to read your books, and to try out your fabulous products.  I am truly enlightened because of each of you.

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