The cover of the book "Heal Your Self With Journaling Power"


“Heal Your Self with Journaling Power” is an easy to read self-help book by multi-award winning author Mari McCarthy. She gives you rationale throughout the book as to why journaling is important and how it can improve your life in multiple ways. Included in the book are stories from others who have used various forms of journaling for life improvement. The author also gives journaling prompts at the end of every chapter to give the reader practical application of the techniques discussed.

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


This book has many strengths. First of all, it is easy to read and gives you multiple rationales for journaling, just in case the reader is convinced otherwise. Second, the entire book explains different ways of journaling so you can find a strategy that resonates with you. Third, included in “Heal Your Self with Journaling Power” is a prompt to practice each method discussed. This gives readers a practical application piece for practice and understanding. Finally, the personal stories included explain how journaling has helped improve life and further convinces the reader to give journaling a try.

My Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed reading “Heal Your Self with Journaling Power.” I began giving each prompt a try at the end of each chapter. The art of journaling actually helped me through the anxiety I am feeling about childbirth and motherhood. Just writing down my fears and worries and re-reading it allowed me to strategize and find solutions of what I can do about those fears right now. I can attest that the methods discussed were extremely helpful. I highly recommend this book to teenagers all the way to senior citizens, because these age groups can truly benefit from the knowledge shared in this book. I stand behind holistic methods for healing and this book gives readers just that; a prescription that only has positive side effects. I urge you to learn about the art of journaling from Mari McCarthy, find a method that works for you, and get started.

headshot of the author Mari L. McCarthy

About the Author

Mari L. McCarthy is the Self-Transformation Guide and Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer of She is also author of the international-bestselling, award-winning book Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live.

Mari began journaling to relieve the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) over 20 years ago. Through journaling, Mari was able to ditch her prescription drugs and mitigate most of her MS symptoms. Now she teaches people throughout the world how to heal, grow, and transform their lives through the holistic power of therapeutic journaling.

She lives in a gorgeous beachfront home in Boston, where she has the freedom, flexibility, and physical ability to indulge in all her passions, which include singing and recording her own albums.

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