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Did you know “The unemployment that affects military spouses as a result of the military lifestyle costs the U.S. economy almost one billion dollars a year” (Blue Star Families). Underemployment and unemployment are two key issues that have been a hot topic for years. Instant Teams is doing their part to open doors to portable and remote careers for the military spouse community. They know that the military community is full of untapped talent and they want to help diminish these staggering statistics with employment solutions that make sense.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Instant Teams. However, opinions expressed are my own. 

Why Instant Teams?

Instant Teams, formerly known as MadSkills, was created by two Army spouses on a mission to change the work options for military spouses. One of the largest barriers to employment for military spouses is location. Military installations are not always located in metropolitan areas. Remote work possibilities allow the flexibility needed to juggle military life, family, and a career no matter where military spouses are located. Remote teams are the way of the future and Instant Teams is leading the way forward for the military community.

The founders, Erica McMannes & Liza Rodewald, know and understand the struggles military spouses face with employment. They have both been there and desire to change the employment prospects for the military spouse community. Instant Teams provides remote opportunities to skilled professional military spouses and other military-connected individuals. For more information, resources, and tips for remote working, visit the Instant Teams Blog.

How to get started with Instant Teams:

The process is simple. Create your profile online, then wait to see if you have been determined a match for a company looking for your particular skills. Once a match has been determined and you have been properly vetted, you will be contacted and invited to join the Slack-channel. This is where you will have access to job openings, and much more to advance your skills, networking, and potential in the remote working world. Lastly, you will begin onboarding prior to starting your position as an Instant Teams Remote Team member.

See below for a quick visual representation of the steps outlined above.

First, go to https://www.instantteams.com/join-a-team

Second, wait for the invitation to join the Slack-channel.

Third, begin the onboarding process.

If you are a military spouse searching for that perfect remote work opportunity, Instant Teams is a great starting place. Portable careers are the future of work and can assist military spouses with an employment solution that complements military life. Working remotely allows the flexibility needed to also manage the numerous responsibilities that the military lifestyle demands. Instant Teams was founded by two Army spouses who truly understand the unique challenges that military spouses face in their career journeys. Their passion is assisting talented military connected individuals to remote careers.

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