Pregnancy loss is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, which is why I am ecstatic to review and support such a lovely book that opens up this conversation within families.  No matter how much time passes, you always remember that little baby that never made it to your arms. The wonderful miracle of having a rainbow baby, the baby after loss, gives the heart joy, hope, and healing. This adorable story for children seeks to explain loss, hope, and joy.

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Happy Tears & Rainbow Babies is a children’s book that details the deep wound of pregnancy loss and the healing through God’s wonderful miracle of rainbow babies. This story is designed to open the dialogue about pregnancy loss and explain it in a way that makes sense to young minds.


The storyline gives a great picture about the dynamics of family and how pregnancy loss can deeply wound mothers and fathers. The mom in the story explains the significance of a rainbow in their situation and how that promise of better times ahead is what her two children today represent. The rainbow is such a powerful symbol of hope from above and that’s just what this book tries to explain to young children.

My Final Thoughts 

This children’s book provides a wonderful picture of how a family has grown and healed from pregnancy loss. Happy Tears & Rainbow Babies explains loss in a way that is not scary to children, but rather comforting and memorialized. This book is unique in that it approaches loss with faith and hope symbolically. It does not mortify the loss, but explains the significance of it and how we can live life every day to honor loved ones that we have lost.  I highly recommend this book for all moms of rainbow babies. It’s a perfect way to start the conversation of pregnancy loss and how joyous it is to be blessed with a rainbow baby, the miraculous child after loss.  

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About the Author

Natasha Carlow is a first time author and longtime lover of the written word. As a mother of two amazing rainbow babies, who spent much of her time reading stories to her young children, Natasha noted that there were no stories that spoke to her family’s journey. So she decided to write one. Thus Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies- a story of hope, resilience and love was born. Natasha is an Itinerant Counselor and Lecturer who resides in Trinidad and Tobago with her husband and two preschoolers. She and her husband are owners of a children’s boutique called Rainbow Babies that specializes in customized clothing and accessories for rainbow families.

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