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This book is written by Leslie Zimmerman. She spent time as a combat medic in the Army and exited service at the rank of Sgt. After watching the impact deployment had when her sister deployed, she was inspired to open up the conversation of deployment for children through her children’s books. To learn more about her or to order your copy of her books, click here. The illustrator for this story and her other books is Paige Briscoe.

Disclaimer: A free copy of this book was issued in exchange for an honest review. 

When Dad Deploys approaches the topic of deployment through the eyes of a child. Learning how to continue on with life, while a parent is absent, is not always easy for children. This book illustrates how the child misses the deployed parent and what he will do while his dad is gone. The story gives strategies of things the child can do when he is missing his dad and acknowledges the many emotions children experience during a deployment.

This book gives strategies to help children cope with missing their deployed parent. The character in the story talks about ways he can communicate with his dad, he recalls advice his dad has given him, how he can mark days off a calendar, and how he can help out around the house more too.

One consistent theme in this story is about positive ways of coping. The storyline displays the strength that so many military kids embody and lists the many ways that they cope while their parent is deployed.

My Final Thoughts:

This book is packed full of scenarios that are very relatable for military children. As a bonus, there is a forward written at the front of the book by Leslie’s uncle that gives you a much more personal look at her character and strength as a veteran. The storyline and illustrations will resonate with many military kids and help them develop their own strategies for coping while their parent is deployed.  Strength and resilience are the common themes illustrated in this adorable book, which are accurate depictions of military children. I would highly recommend this book to military families across the globe that have young children who need help understanding deployment and how to cope while their parent is deployed. 

To purchase a copy of this book, click here. Leslie even has a program where you can donate a book to a military child.

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