This year was InDependent’s 3rd annual virtual Military Spouse Wellness Summit. This is an online summit with speakers, a wellness lounge, and giveaways especially geared to the military spouse and first-responder spouse community. This year consisted of a fantastic line-up of 12 different speakers that all had expertise with the theme “Living a Life with Purpose.”


There are two types of tickets attendees can purchase; General Admission & All Access Pass. The perks of the All Access Pass are that you have lifetime access to the speaker recordings, access to the Wellness Lounge, bonus mini breakout sessions, a virtual swag bag of goodies, other digital downloads, and you are eligible for daily giveaways throughout the entire summit.

Below are some of my takeaways from many of the speakers.

Corrie Weathers was the host and interviewed the speakers. She is fabulous at what she does and even gave us some golden advice about how service members can answer when someone thanks them for their service with “You’re worth it.”

Mark McGrath-You Bet You Can Garden

He is a very witty speaker with great advice on gardening such as;

  • Don’t use the soil on post for gardening. Create a mixture of half compost and half potting soil.
  • For gardening, use 2 foot lanes and use cardboard under the soil to kill the weeds and the grass.
  • Gardening has mental as well as social benefits-especially community gardens.

Jean Chatzky-Accomplish What You Want

Look at your spending for a week or a month and see where your money goes.

Some apps that can track your spending are;

Save 15% of what you’re earning (this includes everything).

“We can learn a lot from millennials. They spend more on experiences rather than things.”

“Saving gives you safety.”

Lara Casey-Spending Your Time with Purpose

Does your to-do lost point you in the direction of what is truly important? Lara gave insight on how to be intentional about the time you spend on tasks, family, and goals. 

“The way you stay in the here and now is not to worry about narrow minded things and the way to break free from that is to have a good sight of the BIG picture.”

“Little by little you will be ready to use the gifts God has given you.”

Lara’s favorite quote: “How you start the day determines the day.” Simon T. Bailey

Maria Kang-Eat Chocolate Every Day

Maria spoke about how perfectionism is exhausting and gets you nowhere. She gave strategies on how to just get started with something to make progress. 

”When you start executing without perfection, you are actually getting somewhere.”

Chrissa Benson-Food + Focus

“It’s important to everyone to have an outlet.”

“Just pivot.”

Eliminate pre-packaged food for other options.

“Give an experience instead of food for an award.”

Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney-Make It a Lifestyle

“Find ways to inject movement into your everyday life.”

“Try to get a vegetable in at every meal-breakfast, lunch, & dinner.”

Final Thoughts:

The Military Spouse Wellness Summit is always such a refreshing and enlightening event. This was my second year attending this virtual event. I loved it so much last year, that I decided to become and ambassador for the event this year. The speakers are my favorite part of the summit. They each provide expertise in various areas and there is always something impactful that they say that resonates with me. The giveaways were amazing and the grand prize was an all-expense paid spouse retreat provided to one lucky winner by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.  You have to be an All Access Pass holder to be entered for all of the prizes. I highly recommend attending this virtual summit if you are looking for great information and mind, body, soul refreshment. The Wellness Lounge provides other opportunities for spouses to learn more about nutrition, fitness, and other wellness topics. I look forward to seeing what the lineup will be for next year in spring of 2020. 

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