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Do you ever look back at your life and reflect on the ways in which you have grown through the decades? Life is such an amazing adventure and learning occurs in many different stages throughout every year of life. If you had to group your learning into decades, what would each decade represent? What are the big takeaways?

The 20’s

When I look back at my 20’s, I realize how this time frame was when risk taking was at its peak. It’s also when I was extremely naive about the world. That decade was spent lining things up for the future such as; getting a college degree, finding true love through an insurmountable time of broken hearts and failed relationships, and finally sinking roots into a place to make a home. Life was lived so vibrantly without much fear or a care in the world.

The 30’s

Then, the 30’s came along.  This is when most people become bold.  Many have already figured out in their 20’s what they wanted in life and where they were going. Through the experiences and growth in the 20’s, the 30’s brought with it a time of courage and the boldness to pursue your desires without settling for less. This decade is also when my career started (almost ten years in higher education) and when I met the man of my dreams, who is now my husband.  The 30’s is when I decided to make exercise a priority and began living a much healthier lifestyle. It’s also when I began to write and was forced to change my career path to better fit my new lifestyle as a military spouse.  All of what I was and created in my 20’s and most of my 30’s had to change.  I never realized how my identity was tied to so many things that I was forced to let go of in order to start a new life with my husband.

However, this decade like the last has provided learning opportunities in life such as; graduate school, professional development, and the art of starting a business. It has also included many losses including my grandfather, a baby, and my darling Beagle companion. Each loss taught me how precious of a gift life truly is, which inspired me to make changes to my life. Throughout the 30’s I have mastered the art of persevering through life’s struggles, restored my faith and relationship with God, and have found ways to ignite the determination within to achieve success regardless of what obstacles had come my way. This decade is when I also learned what the true meaning of “grit” was. All of this has led me to achieving many goals and has been a driving force during this entire decade. It almost seems as if my entire time throughout the 30’s was spent sprinting to the finish line and pursuing goals fast and fearlessly. This decade also brought with it an important tool for inner happiness and strength; the art of giving back to others and volunteerism, which I have continuously incorporated into my life and inspire others to do the same.

The 40’s

Now, here we are in the 40’s. As I begin this new decade, with more wisdom than ever before, I realize that it is now time to slow down. I wholeheartedly want to embrace this new season of life, which is now going to be filled with a darling rainbow baby and starting my journey into motherhood.  I am grateful for everywhere I have been thus far and the new places I have yet to go and experience. A huge lesson I have learned in time is that life is about finding true balance so that you may still have time for the things that truly matter; family, friendships, volunteering, and the enjoyment of the little things in life. That is where true happiness exists, not in the material things. Therefore, I will purposefully be spending this decade doing things that fill my cup and that bring joy to others. Lastly, I will be intentional with my time and make sure I am not going so full speed that I miss some of the most precious moments life has to offer. 

Cheers to whatever decade you may be living in and embracing at the moment! My best advice to you is to learn, reflect, love fearlessly, share your gifts and wisdom with others, give back as much as you are able, and enjoy the ride. 

What have you learned throughout the decades in your life?

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Hello everyone! My name is Wendi. I have been an Army wife for three years and part of military life for five years. I spent nine years of my career as an adult and special educator, have a Master of Arts in Educational Media, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. Currently, I am a blogger, freelance writer, freelance instructional designer, aqua cycling instructor, and avid volunteer. In my free time, you can usually find me volunteering around Fort Bragg, outdoors in the garden, exercising, or enjoying time with my husband and our adorable Beagle, Daizi. My life passion is about helping others find their inner strength by sharing my experiences, insight, resources, and inspirational stories on Strength4Spouses.