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How does military love differ from relationships in civilian life? Some would say military love can be “fast and furious,” “delicate and timely,” or maybe “cherished and limited.” In the military lifestyle, we know that things can change in a moments notice, so showing love to each other is extremely important and timely. For my husband and I, love is when I make grilled cheeses at 4 in the morning when he returns from the field. Love is also when he kisses me goodbye every morning and hugs me hello at night when he returns home. It’s those little things and the “out of the norm” things that makes a military marriage so beautiful.

Check out the responses below by military spouses from all over the world as they explain their definition of love in the military world.

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In military life, love is when I…

“double check pockets for the dreaded military pen.” -Amanda (Castle Vacations)

“stay up an extra 2 hours when you have a 3am flight showtime so I don’t disturb your last bit of sleep.”                      -Abby (Drowsy Aurora)

“cook 200 pieces of bacon at 10 PM for a breakfast taco fundraiser the next morning.” -Rachel (Countdowns & Cupcakes)

“take a deep breath and smile when you hear “honey, they just told me we’ve got orders to…” -Evie B.

“follow him around the world, never knowing what the next chapter will hold, but knowing that we will go through it together!” -Lizann (Seasoned Spouse)

“hopped into the car in my pajamas when I realized that his cover was on the dining room table, simultaneously calling to plot where we’re likely to cross paths for the handover.” -Kate (Kate Horrell)

“give his uniforms the best and most space in the closet.” -Sara (Freedoms Ring USA)

“put a smile on my face when I get the news I have been dreading to hear.” -Amanda (Airman to Mom)

“wake up at 3:30am to find his uniform pants.” -Rebecca M.

“drive 12 hours to see him for 24 hours when he’s TDY!” -Bailey (Becoming Bailey)

“don’t text him 1 million times asking when he is coming home. I know this job is hard on him and has VERY long hours so I show my love and support by reigning in my crazy.” -Jenah (PCS Grades)

“sent treats to him and his soldiers every single month for 15 months straight, even individually wrapped them so that they can all feel special!” -Ashley (M.O.M.S-Military Outreach MUTU System)

“watch my little ones snuggle their Daddy Dolls!” -Briana H.

“wake up early to help my service member find his/her (boots, socks, insignia, belt, cover, keys, wallet, etc) to get them out the door.” -Danielle K.

“drove hours and hours to sneak into his hotel room on TDY for a booty call.” -Rachelle O.S.

“try to get used to the snow, when I have never seen it before.” -Cherron B.

In military life, love is when he…

“drove 8 hours overnight just to say “I love you” in person.” -Evie (InDependent)

” does not wake me up when he leaves for work at 4 AM.” -Alexandria F.O.

“commutes 2 hours to work on his motorcycle so his family doesn’t have to uproot and move.” -Kara (Kara Ludlow)

“schemed with your bestie to get you to your favorite romantic restaurant for a “lady date” then drove 8 hours, waited in the front entrance of said restaurant and surprised you to congratulate you for landing a job at your next duty station…still in uniform because he left right from work. I still swoon thinking back to the moment I turned the corner and saw him in his khakis.” -Ciara (Ciara Lisette)

“discusses the available next set of orders and values my input.” -Carrie K.S.

“secretly arranged for my best friend to take me out to dinner for Valentine’s Day when he was deployed to Afghanistan.” -Stephanie (Poppin’ Smoke)

“gets his wife her Space A memo.” -Shannon J.

“understands that my career is very important to me, just as his is to him. When I have to travel, he steps in and becomes mom and dad, just like I do when he is gone.” -Britni (MilSpouse CoffeeHouse)

“tells his chain of command he has to leave early the next few days because his wife is out of town for work and he has to parent. He never acts like his job is more important than mine.” -Jenah (PCS Grades)

“is half way across the globe & has my back. There’s unconditional love & a united front. We’re in this together.”       -Nerissa (Nerissa Alford Designs)

“tells people,”My wife is a hero too, I couldn’t do this without her support…” -Kelly G.B.

“hides post-it notes with phrases of love & humor after beginning a long TDY. He started out leaving them for me as a new mom, but now does it for the kids too. When you think you’ve found the last one and then find another, it’s the best! -Jennifer (Pride and Grit)

“still says he loves me, even though we’ve been through so much.” -Jennifer (Jennifer A Lambert)

In military life, love is when we…

“have messed-up sleep schedules so we can have a few minutes to talk through a blocky, delayed Skype connection.” -Joanna (Jo, My Gosh!)

In whatever way you and your servicemember show love to each other, may you both continue to do those “little” and “special” things all throughout the year. After all, deployments, TDY’s, and moves are right around the corner so make each moment count.

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