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“All Eyes on Alexandra” is a children’s book that details the story of a migrating crane family. Alexandra is the curious crane, known to wander. Her curiosity about the world sets her up to be a great leader in the migration journey, once she gains the trust of her concerned family. This children’s book is designed for ages 3-8 or reading level pre-kindergarten to second grade.

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The storyline gives a great picture about the dynamics of family. It makes roles very clear in the family structure and how families foster independence, safety, and leadership. Also, there are many ways to extend learning from this book, most especially in science and geography. This makes “All Eyes on Alexandra” a perfect book for a second grade classroom to allow students to learn more about thermal currents, migration, and behavior of birds such as learning about the “V” formation.

There are many cityscapes mentioned throughout this story such as; Israel, Syria, Lebanon, the Mediterranean Sea, and Hula Valley. This allows the reader to understand what life is like for birds and how they manage to travel from one place to another. Israel’s bird migration is so fascinating and this book gives you a glimpse into that at the end of the book.

My Final Thoughts

This children’s book provides not only a great story about family dynamics and leadership, but also presents many themes that allow readers to extend their knowledge in several ways such as; vocabulary, geography, and biology.

Alexandra encourages a sense of curiosity, but within limits of personal safety. This is a great lesson she learned in this story. Her family took her strengths, built upon them, and gave her an opportunity to be a leader. These are all great themes for personal development and the important role family plays in the creating boundaries for growth and the encouragement of natural strengths. “All Eyes On Alexandra” is a wonderful children’s book with multiple themes and purposes throughout the storyline. This book can be very educational for your child.

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About the Author

Anna Levine is an award-winning children’s book author. Like Alexandra Crane, the character in her latest picture book, she loves to explore new worlds. Born in Canada, Anna has lived in the US and Europe.  She now lives in Israel, where she writes and teaches.

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