When I first heard of the MUTU system from a fellow military spouse, I wasn’t sure if it was for me since I do not have any children. She assured me that this program can help many women in all stages and ages of life whether pre-partum or post-partum.  Being that I love all things fitness and health centered, I decided to give this sweet lady a chance to convince me that this program is for women like me too.

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Wendy Powell, Founder of MUTU System, shows participants how to measure Diastasis Recti

What is the MUTU System?

MUTU, which stands for Mummy Tummy, is a program that focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor and core. This system helps you avoid unwanted leaks and slim that post-pregnancy pooch.  If you are one of the unlucky ones who sneeze, cough, laugh or jump and an embarrassing leak happens, this system is for you.

What is M.O.M.S.?

M.O.M.S. stands for Military Outreach MUTU System. It is an outreach specifically for female service members and military spouses. Ashley Gammon, who is a military spouse and mom of 3, runs this outreach program and is super passionate about spreading the message and benefits of the MUTU System to the military community.

In the Fall of 2018, Ashley Gammon of M.O.M.S. made an appearance in Fort Bragg along with the MUTU creator, Wendy Powell. They teamed up to bring a MUTU workshop to female military personnel and military spouses.  It was such an empowering and invigorating group. Each woman had a story and there were a few like me too, without children. The workshop gave us real-time strategies to help us strengthen our pelvic floor and core.  For more information or to request a workshop for service members or military spouses in your area, go to https://mutustrong.com/workshop-events/

My Final Thoughts

After I attended the empowering and informational workshop, M.O.M.S. seemed like something that I should add into my fitness regimen to prepare for having children someday.  I began MUTU in October of 2018 and have noticed numerous results. My pelvic floor and core are stronger. I measured this by the physical results of my lower abs and how that embarrassing leakage does not happen anymore. The body confidence this system has given me has also assisted in making intimacy better with my husband, which is a win-win for us both. I encourage you, whether pre or post-partum to add MUTU into your fitness regimen. The videos can be accessed from anywhere and even downloaded. This is perfect for the busy and ever-changing lifestyle of the military community. The accountability of this program assists you in staying motivated and the online tracking journal gives you a visual representation of your progress. I highly recommend MUTU whether you are preparing for children, like me, or a mom yourself.  This program is for everyone and can make a world of difference in your wellness as well as your confidence.

For More Information:

Download a free PDF of “10 things your doctor didn’t tell you about your post baby body.”

Learn More about MUTU by clicking here.

Connect with Ashley Gammon, M.O.M.S. Coordinator at:

Website: https://mutustrong.com/