Naturally, I’m a planner. I even made a career out of planning by getting my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. As sweet, unpredictable life goes, I happened to meet my Marine during my last year in school and all of my graduation plans began to change. I told my Dad I thought he was the man I wanted to marry the second week after we met, and a year later, we did. When I started dating my now-husband in college, he explained the phrase “expect the unexpected” isn’t just applicable to the military. He warned me that you can’t predict or plan anything. Flash forward two years, and he couldn’t have spoken a bigger truth.

Morgan Volta and her husband

Though I could no longer plan where I would be due to the ever-changing locations of flight school, I figured I could find a career that would be easy to travel with. Remote work wasn’t the first thing that crossed my mind, rather I searched for companies that held many locations across the U.S.

The results of my search led me to starting a career as a Management Trainee for a car rental company. I ended up really loving sales and everything was going very well for the first six months, until we found out we were moving to Pensacola, FL.

Then, four months later we found out we were moving to Corpus Christi, TX. Each time we moved, I had to start the management trainee program over again. In the end, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to carry this career with me as we moved around the south, not if I wanted to expand my resume.

So, we moved to Corpus Christi, TX and I searched for a long-term career while holding a bunch of odd jobs to keep up with the costs of bills and my hefty student loans. To earn money quickly, I waitressed and found a job at the front desk of a new hotel. Neither job paid more than $10/hour and I quickly realized that Corpus Christi wasn’t like the cities I was used to (Boston…New York City…). It was very small, and the job market was very limited unless you had a medical degree or a desire to work in the oil industry.

I felt very lost. I searched for help on base, but was told that I would never find a job paying more than $10/hour, especially if I wouldn’t be in Texas for more than a year. I had no other resources and no plans. I didn’t know anyone in Texas besides my husband and my dog. My professional future suddenly seemed very bleak.

Working at the hotel was helping to build my resume, but I still struggled with this position. There were no opportunities for promotion and I had to continue my second job as a waitress in order to make enough money. I started desperately applying for odd jobs that had nothing to do with what I wanted career-wise, but mostly because I didn’t want to continue working two jobs in order to pay bills.

This wasn’t working out well, but I didn’t give up. I began following spouse groups and pages on Facebook, mostly to see if there was anyone I could connect with that was going through a similar experience. I love my Marine more than anything, but I was desperate to talk to someone who understood why I had feelings of shame and humiliation.

I saw my fellow alumni excelling in their careers on LinkedIn, and could only feel pangs of jealousy. It was hard to find others that understood the situation I was in. I had chosen to give up a large part of my professional freedom to follow my husband, and I was desperately trying to find a positive light.

After a year of searching, I finally came across an opportunity through Facebook. A fellow Marine Corps spouse posted that her company was hiring for a remote position in the marketing realm. Luckily, I had established the hotel’s social media pages from the bottom up and had enough experience to apply for the opportunity at Germono Advertising Company. I wanted this remote career so badly because I knew from the description that I would thoroughly enjoy the work, and I would also be able to move with it.

Now, after a few months of working remotely at Germono Advertising Company, I couldn’t be happier. I have met some incredible and driven business owners, and military spouses that have shared professional journeys similar to mine. The opportunities to travel and attend meaningful events such as the Military Influencer Conference and the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting have opened so many doors. The remote team at Germono is nothing but encouraging and has successfully reinforced the professional confidence I had lost.

I once told my manager that I was incredibly lucky to have stumbled across her business, but she stopped me and said “No Morgan, you are talented and that’s why you’re here.” I am forever grateful for these words and for the women that I work with. My heart goes out to military spouses that are going through the same situation I have experienced in my career journey. There is no ‘right way’ of doing things and as my husband once said, you can’t even expect the unexpected!

So, here’s my truth to anyone listening: Remain tenacious and drive after what you want in this crazy and unpredictable life, because as military spouses that’s what we do. Right?

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Morgan Volta is a Marine Spouse, dog mom, and social media guru. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and she is a Marketing Coach for Germono Advertising Company. She educates individuals and business owners on social media best practices and strategies. Her services include content creation, delving into your social media analytics to determine what posts are working, and teaching your business how to build its network through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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