Your Vote Counts! 4 Tips for Voting in the Upcoming Elections

Another election is quickly approaching.  Are you ready to head to the polls to exercise your right to vote or do you feel like your vote is miniscule and does not count? I am here to tell you that every vote matters. We are lucky in the United States to have the opportunity to vote and elect our officials, so I urge you to exercise this beautiful right and vote.  Whether you go early or love the hustle and bustle of going on Election Day, make your voice heard by completing a ballot.

Look how far the United States has come with voting rights!

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Voting is super important and it’s your right. I hope to make the task of voting a little easier for you with the tips provided below.

4 Helpful Tips for Voting:

1-Register-Make sure that you are registered in your county or you have put in for an absentee ballot if necessary. Click one of the links below to guide you through the process.

Registering to Vote

Absentee Ballot Request

2-Research-Be sure you research the issues and the candidates in your area so you can make an informed decision about who to vote for. Just because someone is popular does not mean they are the best person for the job.  Look at everyone and choose someone whose ideas align with yours.

For help researching candidates in your area, click here to use Vote 411’s easy tool.

3-Plan-Create a plan to vote. Review your schedule and the hours to the voting locations closest to you. Some counties have early voting options for those who cannot make it on November 6th.  Schedule it into your day.  Click here to use Vote 411’s digital tool that makes it easy to locate early voting locations and Elections Day voting locations. All you need to do is enter your address and this system will find voting locations for you.

4-Results-Follow your local news station for elections results. Watching the results will show you the tally of votes, which is a great visual reminder that every vote counts.

Voting is your right as an American Citizen and should not be taken lightly.  If you want to inspire a change, the first step is to exercise your right to vote. Make your voice heard because “Your Vote Counts!”

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