How do you give back to your community?  Is it through volunteering your time? Do you give back monetarily? Giving back to your local community is important and helps connect you with like-minded individuals. Not to mention, it makes the heart and soul feel good.

Military spouses love to give back, because we have all been there; alone during a deployment, the newbie, a new mom far away from family for support, overwhelmed from doing it all without your spouse, feeling lost in a new duty station, and the list could go on and on.  If you are looking for a group that values community, is a positive-minded network of creatives, a sisterhood of giving military spouses, veterans, and active duty service members-look no further than Homefront Room Revival located in Goldsboro, NC near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.


Homefront Room Revival is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, that was founded by Katelyn Tinsely, who is a veteran and the spouse to an active duty service member.  Beyond sharing amazing design and repurposing concepts, the larger goal of this amazing organization is to lift the spirits and heal military families through creative arts. Families are nominated through Homefront Room Revival’s website, then a team votes on and determines who will receive the makeover. This organization has completed 20 room makeovers across the state of North Carolina, since their humble beginning in May 2016. The goals are to complete one makeover per month between January through September and increase those monthly numbers throughout the holidays by bringing Christmas cheer to those on the homefront with a deployed service member.

The Makeover Story


It was my honor recently to volunteer on a makeover project that brought this group a few hours’ drive north to Fayetteville to surprise a military spouse with a bedroom makeover.  At eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, two trucks loaded down with supplies, furniture, and decorative items enthusiastically arrived with smiling volunteers. We all went into the home, met the family, and then we rushed to get started.

Katelyn splits up her volunteer teams into small groups to work on different pieces for the project. My group was painting picture frames, a planter piece for the room, and was responsible for the plants.

Meanwhile, other groups began moving furniture out, painting the bedroom, and helping the military spouse and her children repurpose and paint her dressers.

Room makeover from Homefront Room Revival
Photo credit: After photos taken by the recipient of the room makeover.

Over ten hours later, the master bedroom makeover was complete.  The reveal surprised the family, the friends who nominated this deserving military spouse, and her husband on Face Time.   This project truly touched my heart and many others.  It was special being a part of this project. Nonprofits like Homefront Room Revival are true gifts to the military community. They are brightening up spaces and lives, “one room at a time.”

Wendi and her friends standing around a ladder

How to Help

If you would like to learn more about volunteering your skills, click here. If you are not local to North Carolina or the area, but would still like to help this amazing nonprofit, you can donate monetarily by clicking here or check out their urgent needs below.

  • Painting supplies-paint brushes, rollers, paint, & painters tape
  • Gas money for travel expenses
  • Woodworking tools of all types
  • Tool boxes
  • Tools-screwdriver set, hammer, nails of all sizes, saws, sandpaper
  • A small covered trailer for hauling supplies for each makeover
  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, or Target

To connect with Homefront Room Revival, go to: 

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