As many military spouses find out the hard way, the traditional 9 to 5 outside of the home is becoming increasingly difficult.  It is a myth that we have no desire to work or pursue our own careers.  In fact, military spouses are a very ambitious, compassionate, and driven population of people. However, when duty calls our spouses away and we must step into the lead role in our families, something has to give. Many times, it’s our careers we must say goodbye to or reinvent somehow.

Virtual careers are growing in popularity with the military spouse community for many reasons.

First, we can avoid long commutes, which is not only costly monetarily, but also takes away more time that we could be spending with our family.

Second, the flexibility that some remote careers offer is the right fit for the ever-changing schedule and world of a military spouse.

Third, working from home offers a better work-life balance that is a necessity to survive military life. While our spouses have to choose mission first, we must choose family first in order to give our world the balance it needs.

Fourth, virtual careers are mobile, which means as we PCS (Permanent Change of Station), our job can follow and move with us.  This allows us to avoid a new job search, unemployment, and the stress of reinventing our careers each time we move.

Working remotely is a perfect fit for the military spouse community. Finding companies willing to offer virtual work can be a daunting task. However, I have put something together to help you on your journey to remote employment.

For a list of remote job opportunities, please click the link below to view a compilation of 45+ resources I have put together, using Livebinders, to make your job searching task a little less overwhelming. Be sure to enter the Access Code to view the resource. 

Remote Employment Opportunities (Click this link)

Access Key: strength4spouses

Instructions for use:

remote work

Click on the colorful base tab at the top.

freelancewaveThen, you will notice the sub tabs in gray that appear beneath the base tab.  As you click on each gray sub tab, you should see a link and the website will load below it. **If a website does not load after a few moments, click on the link provided to visit the website.

Click below for a tutorial video.

Disclaimer: Strength 4 Spouses, LLC is not endorsed by any of the companies listed in this resource, nor is responsible for the outcome of any application sent directly to any of the employers mentioned in the online resource. You are solely responsible for any applications sent and for vetting the companies and/or positions you are interested in.

© Strength 4 Spouses LLC, 2018.

Please comment below if this resource has helped you in some way or if you have a company that is not on my compilation list and should be. 

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  1. hannahgracebecker


    What a great resource, Wendi!!! Working from home does offer such a great work-life balance – a MUST for military life! I started working from home out of necessity (military-related 🙂 ) and really fell in love with its many benefits. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Reply

      Thank you Hannah. Working from home has so many positive benefits for military families. I hope to continue adding companies to this resource to make the remote job search easier for others.

  2. Reply

    Love this! I enjoy working at home. The only thing I miss is having other adults to converse with when I want lol.

    • Reply

      Thank you. I love working from home too. It’s such a great fit for military spouses. That’s true about adult conversations. I always make time for those conversations or intentionally plan some group fitness and such throughout the week for that in-person interaction.

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    • Strength 4 Spouses


      Thank you so much! It is absolutely my pleasure. Keep being the amazing lady you are and speaking your truth! It will help to inspire others. ❤️

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