I am honored to review my 3rd book this year from WOW: Women on Writing’s Blog Book tour.  Author Wendy Brown-Baez stopped by the blog earlier in the week to discuss the healing power of writing.  Her book, To Catch a Dream, was a true journey of faith, healing, and exploration for her.

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Lily is the main character in this story.  She is a middle-aged single mom who chronicles her journey to Israel to explore religion, culture, history, a new way of life, and possibly love. She learns many valuable lessons on her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

This book is truly one that will touch you in many ways.  If you love history, religion, learning about other cultures, romance, and stories of friendship, you will enjoy this book.


I could relate with this story in many ways.  First, we all seek to know and live more in faith.  We have all, at some point, questioned our faith and tried to understand more coherently how we should live. The rich descriptions of the Holy Land made it feel like you were there seeing all that Lily was able to experience. Second, Lily’s fascination with the Jewish culture and customs was intriguing.  Years ago, I was blessed to meet a 98-year-old Jewish woman, who was in a nursing home here in North Carolina.  I spent so much time with her singing songs, reciting poetry, learning about her life and culture, as well as celebrating Shabbat with her family on Fridays. Catch a Dream references many Jewish traditions, which not only were familiar to me, but also brought back memories of this beautiful and precious Jewish woman I loved like a grandmother. She passed away a few years ago at the age of 104. Lastly, Lily is a hopeless romantic and has given up on love. I, too, had given up on love right before this amazing man, I now call my husband, appeared in my life. Lily’s desire to love and be loved is something all women have experienced.  It is a lonely and tough place to be, but that was a major part of Lily’s journey in this story. It is one you will find extremely powerful, intriguing, and richly descriptive.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved how this book not only tells a story, but scaffolds learning about worlds some of us have never seen or experienced.  The deep look into religion, self-reflection, and finding your happy place are all themes that resonate with so many. The romance part of Lily’s story is very intriguing and adds a little extra spice to the storyline.  This is definitely a book that will leave you feeling satisfied and inspired. To order your copy, click here.

Thank you Wendy Brown-Baez for giving me the opportunity to read your amazing book!


Book Information

Print Length: 196 pages

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: BookBaby (March 24, 2018)

ISBN-13: 9781543925579

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