While pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and miscarriage are still very taboo to speak of, so is the grief of the childless father. Men weep too, we just don’t always see it. There are more bereaved dads out there than society realizes. Let’s make sure they are remembered this Father’s Day. They hurt and need comfort too.

From the moment my husband and I found out we were pregnant, until the day our son was removed from my body, due to miscarriage, my husband was and still is a father to that heavenly boy. He spoke to him every day while in the womb and even still on the day we were forced to say goodbye. Due to my own severe devastation and battle with depression, my husband had to be tough for us. He went back to work, where in the military it’s mission first and all feelings are pushed aside. Men are born and bred to be tough. It’s ingrained in them that they shouldn’t cry, but when a dad loses a child let’s not forget them in our thoughts, actions, and prayers because they are battling grief too.


This Father’s Day, I want to honor men like my amazing husband, who are just as much a father as those who receive all the attention on this day. Happy Father’s Day to you. Life is not fair and you are the strongest and most amazing dad on the planet. You faced loss and still put on a brave face. You put your feelings aside for your spouse, partner, or girlfriend so you could help her through the loss, while barely getting through it yourself in the shadows. May God bless each bereaved father who still suffers from losing a baby. May he fill your hearts with hope for happier times, comfort the pain, and heal the hole and void from loss. May God bless your lives again with an earthly bundle of joy to hold. May you someday hear that one special word you long for-“daddy.”

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2018 1593Wendi, her husband, and their four legged Beagle child reside in North Carolina. While the son they lost caused much devastation and heartache, they have since been blessed with their rainbow baby two years later. They are expecting another baby boy in the Fall of 2019 and want to use their story of loss, healing, & hope to encourage others walking the same path.

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  1. hannahgracebecker


    What a beautiful post, Wendi!!! Such an important topic. Thank-you so much for sharing your family’s story. Mother’s and Father’s Days can bring up a lot of emotions for my family as well. We’re currently exploring the option of adoption, which has its own set of challenges. You’re so right that the childless father’s experience is often left out of infertility conversation! Thanks again for sharing 🙂 .

    • Reply

      Thank you so much for stopping by to read this. It’s a topic so dear to my heart. I’m glad that you and your husband are seeking other ways to become parents. I know it easy, and I wish you both all the best. God will lead you through this. Sending you a massive hug. ❤️

  2. Sandi


    What a beautiful and compassionate read. It’s not easy being a sensitive man, because like you stated, they are ‘bred’ all too often with a ‘be tough’, ‘ real men don’t cry’ attitude. They have a right to express their emotions as much as we women do. Pain , grief and depression are not gender specific. Nice job covering such a ‘taboo’ discussion.

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  4. J.


    Thank you so much for sharing this. You don’t know me but I was just looking on the Internet for something about being childless on Father’s Day. My husband and I want children but because we married late in life (it’s our first marriage though) it’s difficult to conceive. Please pray for us! Thanks!

    • Strength 4 Spouses


      Hi there. I hope this blog post will bring hope your way. My husband and I married later in life too and we struggled to have children and it finally happened. There’s always hope when you trust in God. I will definitely keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️

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