I was very apprehensive about taking part in this review for post earrings.  I have not worn them since elementary school. This is when I found out they were the reason my ears got irritated, itchy, and infected.  My skin is extremely sensitive and allergic to metals. In fact, I cannot even wear watches that have metal on them as my wrist will begin breaking out. Post earrings, the metal they are made with, and the backs on them have always  aggravated my ears.  I stopped wearing them many years ago and only wear earrings that have plastic backings and dangle to allow my ears room to breathe to prevent infections.

Disclaimer: In exchange for an honest review, I received two pairs of Studex earrings and a bottle of the specialty after piercing ear lotion to try out.

studex earrings

Then, I learned about a company called Studex.  The reviews were positive which convinced me to give their earrings a try.  If anyone could test out whether these earrings truly irritate the ears, my sensitive skin would definitely be able to decipher the truth.  I tried out the earrings for seven days straight and wore them for at least eight hours per day.  Before putting them on and when taking them off at night, I cleaned my ears with the specialty ear lotion provided by Studex.


The Results:

My ears did not itch one single time during the seven-day trial. It felt weird wearing post earrings at first, but now I am completely in love with these adorable earrings.   If you or someone you know has sensitive ears, give Studex earrings a try. I guarantee they will be pleasantly surprised as I was. Irritated and itchy ears will be a thing of the past.

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