dogwood_walkDid you know the Dogwood bloom is the state flower of North Carolina? While walking my dog on a trail the other day, I was immediately struck by the beauty of white blooms on a lone Dogwood tree.  It was the first bloomed tree I have noticed so far this year. The blooms arrived at such a remarkable time. I quickly led my Beagle around a small fence and to the tree to get a closer look. I whipped out my camera and took a couple of pictures of the beautiful blooms.

It wasn’t until days later that I began seeing the “Legend of the Dogwood Tree” circling around social media.  I have never heard this story before, but found it to be so interesting as well as beautiful. This legend appears in perfect timing as we approach Easter this weekend and celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection as well as new beginnings evident in all the vivacious blooms of spring time.

The Dogwood Tree Legend:


To read a more thorough explanation about this fascinating legend, click here.

Final Thoughts:

I definitely will not be able to look at the Dogwood flower the same ever again.  What a powerful symbol this legend gives to Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. As we approach Easter Sunday, let us all remember the pain and suffering Jesus embodied for each of us.  His suffering is not in vain and your suffering with whatever you are facing in your life will not be in vain either.  Just as God took Jesus’s anguish and made something beautiful come from it, he will do the same for you. We should all take comfort in his unending and unconditional love for all humankind and life. The resurrection of Jesus is the promise of new beginnings, eternal life, and a symbol of the miraculous power of God above.

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