Have you noticed how much prices of things skyrocket around Valentine’s Day?  Retailers know you will pay anything to make your special someone feel loved on this day.  There’s a smarter way than to fall into the commercialization of this holiday and ruin your finances in the process.

Below are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without hurting your budget:


Making your own cards can save as much as $4.99.

Some of my most cherished cards are the ones that are handmade.  It truly isn’t about the format of the card, but the words that are written inside. That’s what means the most.  There are many ideas online including; quotes, love poems, and clipart.You can also write your own love poem to include in your card.


You can save up to $18.00 by cooking a meal at home.

This is a great way to slow down and enjoy a romantic meal with your one and only.  First you serve an appetizer, then a soup or salad, the entrée, and finish off with dessert.  Too many times at home, we rush through a meal.  This meal is meant to be eaten in “courses,” so you can enjoy the meal together slowly and each other’s company in the process. Click here for a Valentines Day menu example.


You can save up to $10.00 each on your meal simply by celebrating on another day.

Go out for dinner before or after Valentine’s Day.  The prices will be cheaper and the wait time will be way shorter. You will be able to enjoy your meal together without the surge in prices, the long wait times, and hopefully the restaurant will be a little quieter than it would on Valentine’s Day.


You could save an average of $15.00 by creating your own.

This is easy to do.  All you need is a vase (you can find a nice one at the thrift store or Dollar Tree), a pretty ribbon or a piece of tulle (have cut for you at JOANN Fabrics and Crafts), and two to three different types and colors of flowers.  You can buy these from Walmart (around $4.00 per bouquet), Lowes (around $4.00 per boughquet), or Whole Foods.


Savings will vary depending on the recipe, but you can get more chocolate for the money when you make your own.

This could be a fun activity to do together.  Pinterest has many ideas that will please your taste buds such as; peanut butter cups, pistachio chocolate truffles, and ice cube tray chocolates.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  What most people want is to know you care.  This holiday ties love too much into material things.  Do not forget the real reason of Valentine’s Day; to show love in your actions, not through expensive things.

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