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    It is hard to imagine you ever truly sad or joyless; you have always had a shining light when I have been around you. That is why it has been especially touching to see you in this place of brokenness over your child.
    I can’t imagine how you felt losing your baby, but I know how it feels to lose that dream. Don’t give up the dream of him. Love him before he comes and, eventually, he will come as he is promised. I say this to both of us; I have had the dream of a son for many years and now I am single again.
    I am glad you are finding healing for your broken heart, and I am proud of you for having the courage to share it here.

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      Rebecca, you have such a way with words. Thank you for you sweet words and compliments. Your support on this journey means the world. You’re exactly right, we can’t lose sight of our dreams and God’s timing is perfect. He always has things so strategically planned and will bring purpose from pain, even though it is so hard to understand sometimes. I know that God is lining everything up for you! A perfect man doesn’t exist, but the man who is your perfect match does exist. Keep believing girlie. We’re on this journey together. Love you and as always, I really appreciate your support.

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        Thank you, Wendi, for your kind remarks and encouragement in return. I really felt those words were from God. They didn’t come from me, and they ministered to my spirit too when I shared them. 😊

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