The Moment that Changed My Heart for Christmas this Year

There have been many times this year, when I have been shown how God provides for us, offers a moment of heart touching joy, or even a glimpse of hope when we need it most.


This year has not been easy and I have spent most of it crying tears of sadness.  Sometimes, I could not even see the blessings around me, because my heart was so overcome with grief and bitterness from loss. It has been a year full of change, mostly unwarranted, but here we are survivors of yet another season.


I began the month of December knowing it would be tough for my husband and I to truly feel joy. I dreaded pulling out the Christmas decorations, because there would be reminders of the losses we have been through this year. I pushed forward and even put on my favorite Christmas music by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. We decorated our home and turned on the Christmas lights.  Something still felt like it was missing from my heart. It was that something that grief had taken away and I had fought all year to try and regain.


The following week, I went to Operation Homefront’s Holiday Meals for Military event.  I was familiar with this nonprofit as I had volunteered at their Back to School Brigade event earlier that year.

Back to School Brigade-Fort Bragg, NC

It was my first time going, as a participant, to the Holiday Meals event and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had to pull over a few times on the way there as my car was having issues, which wasn’t new.

I finally made it and was greeted by smiling soldiers in uniform with Santa hats on. The Director greeted me at the door and I recognized him from volunteering before. He directed me to a table to check in, and there I was welcomed by smiling volunteers. As I showed my ID and ticket, another spouse checking in beside me began sobbing as the volunteer handed her a Walmart gift card. She had an infant in a carrier and toddler standing beside her. As I listened to her sob, I tried to hold it together because I just could not imagine what her story or situation might’ve been.


Next, I was greeted by a soldier carrying a large bag of food, complete with all the trimmings necessary for a wonderful Christmas dinner. He offered to carry it to my car for me.  As I walked out of the building tears began to fill my eyes.  I tried to hold it together, once again, so I could have a conversation with the soldier as he accompanied me to my car.

As I waved goodbye to the soldier, I could not fight back the tears any longer. I got in my car and sobbed. I knew what my family had been through this year and how my car almost broke down on the way there. I couldn’t even imagine what the spouse beside me may be facing or might have faced this year. In that moment, I knew that God had provided her family just what it needed, and he had also provided me just what I needed; a touching moment that caused joyful tears to fill up my eyes and heart.

That something that had been missing inside me all year was returning as I sobbed several times throughout the day reflecting on what had happened. I was finally able to truly see what I needed to be joyful about this year and the many blessings that surrounded me, despite the pain and suffering my family had endured this year.

Through the generosity of Operation Homefront, my life and my family’s Christmas have been impacted in a very positive way.  I know that the situation I encountered was probably not the only life changer at that event.  It is organizations like this that truly reach out with generosity and kindness when military families need it most. It is the God sent helping hand, tender moment, and kindness of this organization that changes lives. I have had the pleasure of seeing twice already this year where the money goes and how the programs are directly and positively impacting military families across the nation.

Joy has finally filled my heart again, just in time for the Christmas season.

© Wendi and Strength 4 Spouses, 2017.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the nonprofit mentioned, nor will I receive any compensation for my recommendations and story.  I wanted to write about my experience because the public does not witness the true impact that Operation Homefront has on the lives of military families. For all that they give us; this is my way of giving back to this amazing non profit organization.






15 thoughts on “The Moment that Changed My Heart for Christmas this Year

  1. OH Blog says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! We are honored to serve wonderful families like yours and it warms our heart to know it makes a difference for you! We are so grateful for our corporate partners and donors who make it all possible!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa Elliott says:

    Every post I read is so heart touching. I am so glad that you are doing these. I am sure they are touching many lives. I love your heart and your heart ornament.


    1. Wendi says:

      Thank you so very much for reading everything and supporting me! I thought you would enjoy that heart ornament picture! It came from a very very special special person! Thank you!


  3. joleisa says:

    I just love how our God always turns up at the right time. Tears of joy are ok. One day soon, there’ll be no more tears. Thank God for never leaving us alone. Happy Holidays to you and yours too.


  4. Sandi says:

    Everything you write leaves me with tears in my eyes and the knowledge that you are a blessing in my life and in those who know your heart as I do. As Operation Homefront did for you-caring, kindness and compassion show in all you do also. Love you bunches ❤️


    1. Wendi says:

      Sandi, you are precious! Thank you for supporting me on this journey and always. Your kind words have touched my heart. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Keep shining blondie!


  5. Herlina Kwee | Making LOL says:

    I have always been a fan of volunteering with my church and other community organizations. Operation Homefront sounds like a really wonderful organization. I love what they are doing and what you are doing with them even when you are going through a rough time yourself. I do believe that when we help others, we help ourselves. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


    1. Wendi says:

      Herlina, you are such a wonderful soul! It does make the heart feel good to help others. The military community is so lucky to have organizations like Operation Homefront around to not only help us, but also to inspire us. Hope you have a very blessed holiday season as well!


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