One of the many great things about being part of the military community is the overwhelming amount of support that exists for military families.  There are numerous organizations that solely exist to make life better somehow for service members and their families.  Whether it’s to help service members with transitioning out of the military, resume writing, counseling, snacks and care packages, or helping to locate your spouse during an emergency, these eight organizations are phenomenal in supporting the military community.

1-Red Cross-Not only does the Red Cross help during national disasters, but they are also a military spouse’s only connection to their service member when they are away and there has been a family emergency.  Please program their number in your phone, and be prepared to give them pertinent information about your spouse’s unit, the medical issue or family emergency, and the numbers and names of people to call to verify your emergency.  Red Cross is the first step in the process to hopefully bring your service member home in urgent times of need. They have to notify the unit and verify your emergency, then it is up to the discretion of the unit as to whether they will allow your service member to return home.  877-272-7337

2-Military One Source– This organization helps military families with transitions, education, career options, relationships and much more, but most know them for their quick ability to connect military members and their families to counseling in their area.   It is a free service and a great one to have on speed dial.  800-342-9647

3-USO-The United Service Organization has been around since the 1940’s. Not only do they travel to support and entertain the troops around the world, but they also offer many programs and services on posts and around the United States in many airports for traveling military families. More specifically, the USO of NC offers many support programs such as; Warrior Reset, Spouse Reset, Financial Literacy, and Family Programs.  I cannot speak highly enough about the value of attending these programs.  They are amazing and fill up fast.  Check to see if there is one up and coming in your area, and follow their Facebook page for frequent updates.

4-Operation Homefront-This organization provides many resources to family members such as; resiliency through Homes on the Homefront Awards, relief during financial crisis, support such as the Back to School Brigade, Star Spangled Babies, Homefront Celebrations, and Holiday Meals. They equip military families with many resources for all facets of this life.

5-Steven Cohen Clinics-This is a mental health counseling service offered to Veterans and family members to retired and active duty service members.  Currently, there is no charge for counseling services.  The clinics are nice, the staff are super friendly, and this organization is eager to assist with your counseling needs.

6-Hire Heroes USA-This nonprofit is a God-send when you are in the market for a job.  They offer many services to help you re-enter the workforce or search for a new position such as; resume writing, interview practice and techniques, career coaching, and so much more.

7-Military One Click-This organization brings a ray of sunshine to Military spouses and families. They offer education and resources to military families on PCS, money, military life, education, and career.  Did I mention the amazing MilspouseFest?  This event provides education and employment resources, collaboration, and fun to military spouses across the United States.

8-Support Military Spouses This nonprofit seeks to uplift and encourage military spouses and their children through offering care package events across North and South Carolina. They also offer job skills training, money management workshops, and job fairs.

Note: This article represents my opinion based upon positive experiences I have had with each of these organizations.  I am not receiving payment nor endorsements from any of the nonprofits mentioned above.

© Wendi and Strength 4 Spouses, 2017.

Have you had a positive experience with a military centered non-profit?  Please share it in the comments below.

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    Centerstone Military Services providers counseling, online support groups, and online courses for military service members, veterans, and family members. Trench Talk, an online supportive community for caregivers and military spouses, is a safe haven for spouses to talk about real-life issues impacting them and their families.

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