I try to refrain from anything political on my blog, but this is something I could not refrain from speaking about.

I’m completely and utterly disgusted that people would choose a sacred moment such as the playing of the National Anthem to exercise their freedom of speech.

I grew up reciting the pledge of allegiance every morning in school before the day started, and learned at an early age the importance of the flag, the pledge, patriotism, and our freedom in America.

I grew up in a very patriotic family, where my grandfather’s fought in World War II, and the Korean War in the Army, Navy, & Marines. My father was also in the Army National Guard. I have always respected the military, but that respect grew to the extreme when I met my husband, who just so happened to be serving in the US Army.  He is the love of my life, and my heart shatters every time we have to say goodbye. The flag and the Star Spangled Banner represent so much more for me and every military family across the United States and abroad. It represents those who never made it home, the hard work and long hours service men and women put in each week, patriotism and the wonderful gift of being an American citizen, it represents the longing we all feel in our hearts for our spouse when they’re away fighting for this country and the very freedoms we all enjoy, it represents our very worst fear-a life without our spouse and that waving beautiful flag turning into a folded one that will change our lives forever.


While you sit, kneel, or protest, I will always stand to honor every service member past, present, & future who humbly and selflessly served this country and continue to serve. I will proudly watch that flag wave and listen for those few minutes, while I silently thank God for freedom that flag has given to me and so many others in the pursuit of the American dream.

Click here to listen to my favorite rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston.

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