All marriages take work, but a military marriage requires more than the average couple puts in.  Military marriages face many stressors that can harm the beautiful love you experienced the day you said “I Do.”

Below are several key ingredients that can make a military marriage strong.

A tiny dash of thoughtfulness is HUGE-In a marriage the little things are BIG.  Try to do little things to show each other you care such as; hiding a simple love note where your spouse will find it, help with a chore, pick up his or her favorite dessert or snack food, pack his or her lunch, cook their favorite meal, give compliments, and the list could go on.  The tiny thoughtful things you do in a marriage shows your spouse how much you care.

Shred problems of the past and chop up the current issues one by one-Fighting fair is the only way to fight.  Never bring up problems from the past.  When you disagree about something, focus only on that issue and try to work on resolving it.  Once you come to an agreement, squash that problem and move forward.  How you handle the problems you face together speaks volumes about the strength of your marriage and your love for one another.

Several ounces of quality time-Having time alone together is vital to your marriage.  Schedule time to be together and put all electronic devices away.  Having quality time to focus on each other is necessary in every marriage.

A Pound of Teamwork-A marriage is between two people, not one.  Always remember that you are a team with your spouse.  Divide and conquer life’s tasks and chores, and find a schedule that works best for your family’s situation. Teamwork is not always 50/50.  Sometimes one person on a team has to pull more weight, then the next go round the other person picks up the slack.  Work out a plan for your family and stick to it.

Add in multiple tablespoons of communication-Sometimes you aren’t always able to speak with your spouse.  This is why it’s important to communicate when you can.  Be honest with each other and how you feel about things.  It’s not easy to read someone’s mind, so let them know how you feel.  Never let a moment pass where you don’t express your love.  In this life, we never know what tomorrow can bring, so communicate with your other half.

Many cups of sugar-Marriages require intimacy and it may take work to keep that spice alive during certain seasons of your marriage.  Sex is not the ONLY ingredient to a happy marriage, but it’s an important one. Learn your partner’s language and speak to it to set the mood.

Toss in tender moments-Be tender with each other.  What does that mean?  Those moments when your spouse kisses your forehead, rubs your face, or simply puts his or her arms around you.  These are the tender moments that mean so much.  Snuggling beside each other in silence is another one of those special times. Tenderness speaks volumes in a marriage.

Mix together and knead into your marriage for a long lasting journey together.  These items are just a few of many that will help your marriage thrive.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee, so make every day as beautiful as you can together.  These moments and memories are the things that will carry your marriage through deployments and your many times apart.

© Wendi and Strength 4 Spouses, 2017.

Do you have a special ingredient for marriage that isn’t on this list?  Please share it in the comments section below.